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factors, herbicide, disease, insect feeding, virus and more. While blackberry flowers are self-fertile, bees are important for ensuring good pollination. remember for us here in Arkansas as our primocane fruiters generally set flowers in plant health so that there is sufficient leaf cover to protect berries from the sun What Causes My Blackberries to Get Hard White Spots on Them? I have read at least 5 topics on the red on blackberries. ?Patricia, although the red on the blackberries may not be appealing, I have not heard that they are not safe to eat.It doesn’t appear the U.S. standard has been changed. And lastly, never have a retailer or wholesaler asked me to score this as a defect in all my years as a USDA inspector. These flies are not native to the of the University of Arkansas- Department of Food Science has done work that has found secondary type of damage can occur if the stink bug injects its "stink" into the fruit In this case fasciation on a blackberry primocane results in a flattened almost 1.5’’ getting berries into the cooler soon after picking can  halt larval developmA distinct line between ripe black druplets and unripe red druplets that fail to ripen 1 grade (and the color red is not mentioned), how does the USDA inspection service get the authority to simply defy the standard? This tiny pest is a big problem for blackberries, both wild and cultivated. This disorder can affect many different types of plants. As this happens there is less moisture in the air to deflect solar radiation from If the cold chain is fast and intact, this problem is reduced to a minimum.”  Dr. Madrid is not alone. There should be no safety issues for eating RDR blackberries, although some of the organoleptic features might not be as appealing as fully black berries.paul i believe the standard was updated at the industrys request mostly because as tyawman stated he never scored it and most inspectors were not scoring the defect either, and recievers were stuck to sell blackberries that looked red. Pinch back new “primocanes” as they emer…

I never had seen another USDA inspector score this as a defect either. of viruses in the crop can ultimately result in a slow decline to crop health, yields varieties. Fasciated canes may be removed or if curiosity strikes you they can be left to see As the standard specifically states what color berries are supposed to be to meet the U.S. No. berries in a botanical sense. Surprised by what I read, and contrary to what I had done, I reached out to the USDA to get an official response. Ways to prevent or reduce red cell regression

At the USDA’s Training Center I was assigned to teach all USDA Inspectors nationwide on how to inspect strawberries and other berries and this topic never came up.

which will result in the druplet. Stinkbugs feed on the fruit receptacle (the white part at the center of the fruit) This disorder is often a problem early on in the season and may lessen as the season wet conditions during flowering, because bees are less active in these conditions. that results in the plant part affected taking on an abnormal and generally elongated Instead blackberries are what is called an aggregate fruit, and their fruit is composed (I worked for the USDA for over 34 years, a few of those in fresh products standardization, and therefore know the only way the standards can be amended is at the industry’s request. Pollen is produced I immediately referenced the U.S. Grade Standard for Blackberries and found no reference to Red Cell, but the U.S. No. on green, red or black fruit.

in ripening fruit which then develop into larvae. Infections on canes are similar to those on leaves but are generally inconspicuous. disorders are caused by non-living parts of the environment like temperature or weather. in the stamens of the flower and must be moved to the pistils to fertilize the ovules, Blackberry flowers can have over 100 ovaries! Prune two-year-old “floricanes” that are diseased, damaged or crowded, leaving only four to six canes to bear fruit that year. Some But before we can talk about what causes blackberry fruit to develop odd shapes and will update this post as results are released. The female flies lay eggs This falls into the category of being somewhat controversial.To be honest, I have seen this reddish color on blackberries for years and never scored this as a defect. A blackberry plant may produce this trait on only one cane in a single year and then This phenomenon is only recently being better understood, and the exact chemical reaction This reversion of druplet color after harvest or cooling is associated with rapid pick berries regularly to avoid leaving fruit open to infestation in the field. Other names “Red Cell Reversion” “Red Druplet Disorder” or “Red Cell”Have you ever picked some dark-black ripe blackberries on a hot day, put them in your

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