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Can I sell provinces (to a vassal) in vanilla? Also in my Bohemia game, I ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off all the small nations by vassalizing Bavaria. On my other game, i have a question. Good luck! I am fairly new in the game and I would appreciate any general tips about playing as Bohemia. Crusader Kings III is soon upon us and you can pre order it today! Take either Diplomatic or Espionage for the AE. Mission Completion requirements Effects Prerequisites Imperial Ambition The …

A Catholic Bohemia should Embrace the Counter-Reformation as soon as possible and aggressively attack countries with centers of reformation so that they can be swiftly destroyed. Bohemia is one of the countries which has a very real chance of becoming Emperor and uniting the Empire, so you don't necessarily need to focus on expanding through the HRE. hruscz. Bohemia's events focus on various historical events in Bohemia's history, especially the Hussite movement. Try to stop the leagues. However, once the player has become Emperor with vassalized electors, the player can diplo-annex them, and appoint new electors who are the player's religion and will vote for them. I am fairly new in the game and I would appreciate any general tips about playing as Bohemia.

Alternatively, become the Emperor, and attack a much-weakened Austria therefore. The most obvious way is through Another option, which requires a good degree of luck, is for the Conquering Burgundian provinces is preferable, since it makes it possible to fabricate claims on If the player chose to fight England early on, it is almost certain that the English If the player likes to have a longer play-through as Bohemia, they may receive this achievement later on with less difficulty. Any other questions, please add in ideas that fit your playing style too ;) This is because its Czech culture will not accept all of the many Germanic ones after unification, and a culture shift to a Germanic one would be near impossible (requiring 50% of the total population to be a particular subculture). I am playing vanilla 1.11.4. How to release or conquer a vassal you got by total annexing his master. In 1618 the Protestants of Bohemia rebelled and choose a Protestant king of Bohemia, Fredrik of Pfalz. This will begin to convert Germany, gradually eroding the authority of the Emperor and preventing Austria from passing reforms or finding allies in Germany. I played my first ever full game as Bohemia and I managed to conquer most of the HRE, Poland, Russia, Lithuania and Scandinavia. Eu4 - Bohemia strategy. But now that I'm a bit better at the game I though I would give it a nother try. As for ideas I was thinking:And that would give me a force limit of maybe 50k by 1500. Absolute trash military ideas. 2 advisors for admin and mil points and got the Hussite 6/6/6 king just after 1450. The province of Neumark is held by the It is important to be prepared for the possibility that Austria may take a mission to force a personal union on Bohemia.

All rights reserved. Bohemia run through - idea groups please. The decision should be weighed carefully, as a Hussite Bohemia will find diplomacy more difficult and will be ineligible to become emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Paradox Development Studio brings you the sequel to one of the most popular strategy games ever made! He sent his experienced commander Tilly with his troops to Bohemia and in the battle of the White Mountain, Fredrik of Pfalz's reign ended. Some other good idea to take as Bohemia is Economic and Quantity to get the building cost reduction so you can make a lot of buildings since you will flow over with monarch points. Europa Universalis IV > General Discussions > Topic Details. However, Bohemian provinces are very vulnerable to passive conversion. Bohemia is a Czech culture nation located to the north of Austria - historically, they had a lot of power over the diplomatic antics of the Holy Roman Empire and were a very important nation in the In the year 1444, Bohemia starts off as a stable country and an If Bohemia devotes its resources towards this goal, such as taking diplomatic ideas and forming alliances or granting guarantees to the independence of nations, Bohemia will become a diplomatic force that can rival that of Austria and the Habsburgs. Which ideas are good, which direction to expand etc.

The main issue with reaching the Pale is the fact that Bohemia does not start with a coastal province and even with no provinces bordering a coastal one. When the Protestant Reformation begins, Hussite Bohemia will be offered a choice between staying Hussite or converting the country and all of its territory to Protestant. There are many ways which the player may take in order to get The Bohemians. I am playing vanilla 1.11.4. A player with the Emperor DLC will be given a decision to either destroy the Hussites, reconcile with them, or embrace their message. However, Hussite Bohemia gains access to a mission that will create a Hussite center of reformation. Bohemia begins as a Catholic country, but some of of its provinces, including the capital Praha, follow the Hussite faith, a Christian splinter sect.
Note that Poland will most likely have taken Königsberg (41) from the Teutonic Order so it is a good idea to ally Poland's rivals to obtain the province. With a strong alliance, the player should begin to eat up North Germany, specifically gaining territories that lead to the provinces necessary to form Germany.

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