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The law specifies two ways in which this disclosure can be made. A copy of each approved geotechnical report including the mitigation measures is required to be submitted to the Program within 30 days of approval of the report. On February 9, 1971 an earthquake hit the San Fernando Valley, just north of Los Angeles. Because of this, does not address URM ordinances in California. Those requiring specific information on URM ordinances in California should contact their municipality directly.Please note that may not include all cities within California that have seismic ordinances in effect. This site provides information regarding seismic ordinances and seismic retrofits in various cities throughout California. The California URM Law was passed in 1986 and required local governments in high seismic zones to develop an inventory for URM buildings and establish a loss-reduction program. If present, these weak materials can fail during an earthquake and, unless proper precautions are taken during grading and construction, can cause damage to structures. endobj by Single family frame dwellings up to two stories not part of a development of four or more units are exempt from the state requirements. Those requiring specific information on seismic ordinances should contact their municipality.A seismic ordinance is a law passed by local authorities requiring the evaluation and retrofit of specific building types proven to be vulnerable to seismic events. 2 0 obj A Certified Engineering Geologist or Registered Civil Engineer with competence in the field of seismic hazard evaluation is required to prepare, review and approve the geotechnical report. Outline Ground motions Ground displacements

Help unpack the code with documents from the DOB. We are currently engaged in seismic-related projects worldwide, with several structural engineers and architects actively involved in committees and task groups that develop seismic-related building codes and local ordinances. <> 1 0 obj In the absence of definite information, values used shall be subject to the approval of the File and computer rooms shall be designed for heavier Stadiums and arenas with fixed seats (fastened to floor)Fabric construction supported by a skeleton structureAll other construction, except one- and two-family Ordinary flat, pitched, and curved roofs (that are not occupiable)Floors and other similar surfaces shall be designed to support the uniformly distributed In office buildings and in other buildings where partition locations are subject to change, provisions for partition weight shall be made, whether or not partitions are shown on the Floors and other surfaces that are intended to support vehicle Where any structure does not restrict access for vehicles that exceed a 10,000-pound (4536 kg) gross vehicle weight rating, those portions of the structure subject to such Where a structure is intended to have forklifts or other movable equipment present, the structure shall be designed for the total vehicle or equipment load and the individual wheel The maximum weight of vehicles allowed into or on a garage or other structure shall be posted by the For the purpose of design, the weight of machinery and moving The weight of all landscaping materials shall be considered as Roof structures that provide support for ballasted The lateral force on crane runway beams with electrically powered trolleys shall be calculated as 20 percent of the sum of the rated capacity of the crane and the weight of the hoist and trolley. Associate Professor University of California, Los Angeles CE243A 2 1971 San Fernando, California Earthquake. Continuous load paths shall be provided for transmitting these forces to the foundation. If a property is located in a Seismic Hazard Zone as shown on a map issued by the State Geologist, the seller or the seller's agent must disclose this fact to a potential buyers. DISCLAIMER. Once the public review period has ended, the Department of Conservation then also has 90 days to revise the maps, as appropriate, and will then release an Official map to affected cities, counties and state agencies approximately six months after the Preliminary release.

The lateral force shall be assumed to act horizontally at the traction surface of a runway beam, in either direction perpendicular to the beam, and shall be distributed with due regard to the lateral stiffness of the runway beam and supporting structure.The longitudinal force on crane runway beams, except for bridge cranes with hand-geared bridges, shall be calculated as 10 percent of the maximum wheel Buildings, structures and parts thereof shall be designed to withstand the minimum wind Garage door glazed opening protection for wind-borne debris shall meet the requirements of an approved impact-resisting standard or For each wind direction considered, an exposure category that adequately reflects the characteristics of ground surface irregularities shall be determined for the For each selected wind direction at which the wind Roof systems shall be designed and constructed in accordance with Sections The alternate wind design provisions in this section are simplifications of the ASCE 7 Directional Procedure.The following modifications shall be made to certain subsections in ASCE 7: in Section 1609.6.2, symbols and notations that are specific to this section are used in conjunction with the symbols and notations in ASCE 7 Section 26.3.The MWFRS and the components and cladding of every building or other structure shall be designed for the pressures calculated using Equation 16-35.The MWFRS shall be investigated for the torsional effects identified in ASCE 7 Figure 27.4-8.When using the alternative all-heights method, wind pressures shall be applied simultaneously on, and in a direction Roofs equipped with hardware to control the rate of drainage shall be equipped with a secondary drainage system at a higher elevation that limits accumulation of water on the roof above that elevation.

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