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you'd say.What part of Canada? The very first thing you’ll need to learn when diving into California slang is that they give directions differently than any other place in the world. One key difference was that Californians pronounce "caught" and "cot" the same, but other regions pronounce them differently. To a new user, Reddit may seem like a confusing jumble of text, numbers, pictures and acronyms. But they did enjoy hearing slang that is stereotypical of some Cali areas, like saying "dude," etc.

Here are some of the most common California slang terms that you’ve probably never heard of: 17 California Slang Terms.

We say "like" "hella" and "dude" a lot.I saw something online that pointed to a few differences between how westerners talk vs. the midwest, south, or east. How do you do, fellow kids? Jerry Brown is the 34th and 39th Governor of California. He thought it was jokes. Beyond that, I didn't even realize butthurt or blasted were slang.Basically means you have a bad attitude still over something that probably wasn't that big of a deal. I'm in Alberta but I've been to most of the provinces & territories and I've never heard that. However, I've read that the twang was actually present already in southern California before the dust bowl migration started, due to previous immigration from the south.My family moved from arkansa to the central valley durring the dust bowlyeah, a lot of us have a bit of a twangy accent, surprising for Southern california, but a lot of families came out west during the dust bowl, or at other times to seek better opportunities.I was disappointed when I once asked some foreigners whether they thought I had an accent and they said due to movies and other media, no.

You rarely hear it from native Fresnans, but it shows up all the time in people living in the more rural areas of the valley.

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But they did enjoy hearing slang that is stereotypical of some Cali areas, like saying "dude," etcI also remember reading somewhere that there is a neutral "American" way of speaking that is generally considered "accent-less." As far as I can tell, when I speak, I sound just like every other "normal" American. Very common for "Okies" to have moved westward at the time.Having grown up in Fresno, I know exactly what you mean.

Bail – to leave a place. California slang isn’t as simple as your basic “brah” or even “chill, man.” There are quite a few differences between Los Angeles slang and Bay Area slang, for example. BuzzFeed Staff, Mexico

Question 1/12. My much younger sister has the same accent, but to a more exaggerated degree.

One of the difference is the use of slang words. [Serious] What are some slang words from around the world, that aren't common in other places besides your region? (Like 5 years ago)Please let me know if there is anymore I should know about! But darts? Take these 12 quiz questions and find out! TY we say as DY. One of the great things about slang is that it makes normal, boring things sound much cooler and more exciting.

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