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Dispersing can be a great way for organisms to avoid habitats that will be bad for them or their offspring.Once a backswimmer has decided that it wants to disperse, it then has to decide whether it is strong and healthy enough to fly. If you continue to use our site, we assume you consent to the use of such cookies.

A top view of a backswimmer swimming. Thousands of the insects literally fly into the surface film, like raindrops falling from the blue sky, and then attempt to swim to … Classic boatmen/backswimmer flights occur on calm, sunny days. Once at the surface, it may either leap out of the water and fly or get a fresh supply of air, which is stored in a bubble under its wings and around its body, and dive again. Thousands of the insects literally fly into the surface film, like raindrops falling from the blue sky, and then attempt to swim to the lake bottom to lay eggs.Trout soon locate these dive bombers, many of which are momentarily stunned and struggling in the surface film. If you empty your pool, the Backswimmers will likely survive, and if there is no appropriate aquatic habitat in your yard, they will … lakes, ponds, marshes, and are sometimes found in garden ponds. This movement between ponds is an example of a process known as dispersal.Backswimmers, for example, are insects that live in ponds and streams (and sometimes even swimming pools!). Backswimmers can fly and are attracted at night to artificial lights. I put the fish in cages, and that way, the backswimmers could tell there was a fish in the tank (they could see and smell the fish), but the fish couldn’t actually eat the backswimmers.This is me, checking the artificial ponds for backswimmers.

Although primarily aquatic, they can fly well and so can disperse …

Flying backswimmers look like large white beetles as they whiz by during these mating and migration flights.

Backswimmers swim on their backs, vigorously paddling with their long, hair-fringed hind legs and attack prey as large as tadpoles and small fish. The plastron, or air bubble, is then overlaid on the surface of the abdomen.

They inhabit still freshwater, e.g. For this experiment, I fed them fruit flies, because it’s really easy to get lots and lots of fruit flies. With sinking lines, the number designation indicates the approximate rate at which a line sinks in inches per second (for example, a Type 6 line would sink at about six inches per second). Photo credit: Chris Thomaidis.I brought the backswimmers back to a lab at the University of Toronto. Slashing and boiling riseforms signal the attack on those insects, while more are picked off as they swim down to or up from the lake bottom. Water boatmen and backswimmers are a lesser-known but still-important food source for trout and char in lakes. All Rights Reserved.We use cookies to optimize website performance and for advertising purposes. Since I also wanted to test whether backswimmers are scared away by fish, I added a fish to half of the tanks.
These legs are what propel them through the water.When underwater, boatmen and backswimmers are found hiding amongst the vegetation growing up off the bottom of the shoal or shallow-water zones of a lake. Right: A backswimmer in its cup.After a few weeks of controlling the backswimmers’ diets, it was time to bring them outside to see if they would fly.

Because I wanted to test the effects of body condition on dispersal, I first had to manipulate the backswimmers so that they had different levels of body condition.

They grasp prey and cling to aquatic vegetation using their first and second pairs of legs. Some individuals spend their whole lives in the ponds they are born in, and some individuals move to new ponds. They are quite clumsy out of water. It makes them look a little like they are doing the backstroke (hence their common name!). Backswimmers have a characteristic way of swimming – on their backs, just under the surface of the water, using their hind legs to propel themselves. Backswimmers are really good flyers that can fly long distances to another pond. Only after the final instar can backswimmers take flight, which they often do in the late summer and fall to mate and populate new bodies of water. Classic boatmen/backswimmer flights occur on calm, sunny days.

Boatmen bodies reach about five millimetres in length. But they might also tell us a little about how other organisms move around in natural ecosystems.

Backswimmers can often be seen swimming just under the surface of the water, ventral side up. Because the backswimmer is lighter than water, it rises to the surface after releasing its hold on the bottom vegetation.

Deeper zones of the lake can be very effectively covered with faster, full-sinking lines (like Type 5, 6, or 7).Allow the fly line and fly to sink to just off the bottom. That’s a research site owned by the University of Toronto, where I’m a graduate student.This is me collecting backswimmers from a pond at the Koffler Scientific Reserve.

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