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can my neighbors slow down my internet

WiFi thieves. If you are on the same channel as your neighbors this could be the cause of your slow Internet. Your Wi-Fi might be slow because you and your neighbor are both using the same one—even if you’re on different networks.When you and your neighbor are using the same channel, this can cause device interference between one or both of your routers.

might be torrenting files without restricting it. Sure, that Nest thermostat is cool and will cut your heating bill. First, know this: Wi-Fi is divided into different channels. There is an unspoken etiquette among neighbors — you are friendly, but not too friendly, you share a polite nod in the mornings, occasionally feed each other’s cats while the other is out of town, and always pretend you didn’t see the other person rush naked from the bathroom to the bedroom.

This depends upon the infrastructure of course, but it's not true to say universally "no effect" as these other helpful users appear to be suggesting. It can be especially annoying if you don’t know why your internet is moving at a snail’s pace. With that fixed, you can go back to having a pleasant, mutually-beneficial relationship with your neighbors, instead of cursing their existence every time your episode ofRouters work best when they're elevated in a central location, far from If your WiFi password is Password123, there's a decent chance your network is being used by half of the people within its range. Most of us know somebody who relies on a neighbor's WiFi connection for wireless internet access.

Select the new channel from the list and reboot your router.

Tools like Streaming services like Netflix, as well as online games, and cloud services like DropBox use When you’re done, you’ll get less interference from the devices around you. As consumers add more connected appliances and their devices to their homes, the bandwidth competition will intensify. Sign-up to get a daily batch of tips, tricks, and smiles to Luckily, there’s an easy fix. On the left, it recommends the best channel to use.Now that you’ve found what channels are being used, you can update your router to use a channel that isn’t used by one of your neighbors. To see what devices have been using your WiFi, use No matter your router, WiFi signals only travel so far. That line is WiFi.On a Mac, you can scan for WiFi channels in your area, and your computer will recommend which ones are best to use.

You can use this table to see what your current channel is and if others are using the same channel. Most routers will do that automatically, so that’s good.

I would have to go a long time without torrenting for it to go back to normal. With that fixed, you can go back to having a pleasant, mutually-beneficial relationship with your neighbors, instead of cursing their existence every time your episode of Frasier won't load. If you are this could result in signals clashing, slowing down your network performance. To update your router, will need to login to your router’s setup tool. Consider changing your WiFi channel in order to lower the interference – you should be able to find guidance on how to do this from the router manufacturers. But if you have issues connecting to the internet in just a few specific rooms, you might be better off manually programming the router.“If you have a problem area—which typically are the areas that are further away from the wireless router—I go to the problem area, turn on the Airport Utility and look to see if there’s an open channel or a channel that’s less populated by neighbors,” The right section shows you all the wireless networks around you and the channels they are using.

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