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catholic schools shutting down

They're helping support families. A local Catholic parish may also subsidize an affiliated school, but those subsidies are funded by weekly collections at mass, and services in most Catholic churches have been suspended since March.In Richmond, Calif., the principal of St. Cornelius Catholic School "For me, it's horrible," Antolin says. They’re just hoping that the church’s will follow because of the lost revenue.One of De Blasio’s aids tells him about Erdogan flipping the Hagia Sophia to a mosque (and with any luck, conscripting Atatürk to the dustbin).

They're often providing a social safety net.

"I'm trying to squeeze some numbers," Antolin says. The closing of these schools, particularly those that serve marginalized or disadvantaged communities, is devastating. I didn’t experience anything similar until I arrived in Marine boot camp.There’s an old nuns’ home in our county and they are starting to show COVID-19 cases.

The catholic church is the largest land owner on the planet.

"This is what I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about," he says.

These closures will impact approximately 2,500 students and 350 staff members, the archdiocese said in a statement. She could send them to another Catholic school in the area, but they all charge much higher tuition, more than she can afford on her salary as a nurse's assistant at a San Francisco hospital. "One of the urban areas hardest hit by Catholic school closings is the archdiocese of New York, where at least 20 will be shutting down, six of them in the Bronx alone. "Then, all of a sudden one of the spouses doesn't have a job anymore. Wheels in De Blasio’s head start spinning.Ten of the schools on that chopping block list are within driving distance and one is walkable…not good.Plus Catholic Services isn’t getting government funds whith no ‘immigrants’ coming over the border – a substantial sum, I hear…For A Fixed Monthly Gift Choose Below and Click Subscribe "They're often serving the social emotional needs. The system is undergoing a revitalization overseen by the Marianist Brothers, who run Chaminade and Kellenberg high schools.Cultrara said his organization is urging Congress to approve temporary emergency tuition assistance the same way it did when the survival of private schools was imperiled by massive wildfires in western states, including California last year, and by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in 2017.If many private schools close and students enroll in public schools, it will be “not only a far greater cost to the state," he said, "but it will force school districts to stretch their thin dollars even farther and exacerbate the safe distancing that everyone seems to realize is going to be necessary.”Bart Jones covers religion at Newsday, where he has worked since 2000, and is a former foreign correspondent for The Associated Press in Venezuela.

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