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charles sherrod facts

When he was a young boy he sang in a choir and attended Sunday school at a Baptist church. In 1954, Sherrod fi When he was older he became a preacher at Mount Olivet Baptist Church where he often preached to children. The Albany Movement was a series of In 1964 Charles Sherrod and the students in the Albany Movement achieved their goal, the city of Albany repealed all segregation ordinances. Sherrod is not only a preacher, but an activist. Charles Sherrod first took part in the Civil Rights Movement after the Supreme Court desegregated schools in the Brown v. Board of Education case. Charles Sherrod was born in Surry, Virginia and was raised by his Baptist grandmother. The students who were expelled by Albany State University received honorary BA's 50 years after their expulsion in December 2011.Rev Charles Sherrod in front of the civil rights park in Albany Georgia.

Rather than returning to school in the fall, Charles Sherrod moved to become a full-time organizer to stimulate new black initiatives in the strongly segregated and The Albany Movement lead by Charles Sherrod in Albany, Georgia was from October 1961 to 1964.

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