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Empowering technologists to achieve more by humanizing tech. He started Information Technology at a very young age, and his goal is to teach and inspire others. You can try this on various machines and OSes and get fun weird results.

Oxford SBS Guy Office 365, Windows Server, Exchange, PowerShell, Hyper-V and VMware tips and tricks (but no more SBS!) Connect with ALI TAJRAN on social media. Here is what that looks like. His specialism is designing and building complex enterprise environments. No longer will you need a PowerShell script to see which Roll-up Update you are on if you have Exchange 2007 SP3 or Exchange 2010 SP2, for example.

For example, you want to check and verify the Exchange 2016 schema version before and after an upgrade to Exchange 2016 CU16. Get Exchange Cumulative Update Version and Build Numbers Using Powershell. Community to share and get the latest about Microsoft Learn Find out more about the Microsoft MVP Award Program.

For example, you want to check and verify the Exchange 2016 schema version before and after an upgrade to Exchange 2016 CU16. In this article,…You have a database showing as failed content index in Exchange Server. Read the article, if you need to prepare Active Directory and domains for Exchange Server. You want to know if your Active Directory (AD) is up to date. The estimated reading time 2 minutes In my daily work I often see lots of different active directory and exchange environments, so I need a short method to determine witch exchange schema version is installed. Some of the fields are updated by patches and some are left alone. To read the forest version, consult the objectVersion property of cn=,cn=Microsoft Exchange,cn=Services,cn=Configuration,. In fact, Exchange 2016 CU15, Exchange 2016 CU14, and Exchange 2016 CU13 are eligible as well.To sum it up, you learned how to check and verify the Exchange schema version with PowerShell. ← Powershell Tip #58: Find Active Directory Schema Version Powershell Tip #60: Check integrity and defragment offline the Active Directory database (NTDS.DIT) → 2 thoughts on “ Powershell Tip #59: Find Microsoft Exchange Schema Version ”

If you've already registered, sign in. How to (correctly) check file versions with PowerShell Run the ALI TAJRAN is a passionate IT Architect and IT Consultant. Otherwise, register and sign in. Due to default formatting our new property may not appear in some views.

The full SxS path also contains a version indicator.Now go forth and correctly judge Windows binary version numbers!You must be a registered user to add a comment. Try the following PowerShell command: GCM exsetup |%{$_.Fileversioninfo} Identify Exchange version with PowerShell Run the Powershell command GCM exsetup |%{$_.Fileversioninfo} Compare the result with the entries in the list below to find your version . You can twiddle with the format descriptors or just use -Property on commands like Format-List as in the following example.We can use our new property in scripts or commands to do things like compare versions between machines.Executable files like EXEs & DLLs are described by several metadata fields including versions, dates, company, and so forth. "RangeUpper: $((Get-ADObject $ob -pr rangeUpper).rangeUpper)""ObjectVersion (Configuration): $((Get-ADObject $ob -pr objectVersion).objectVersion)""ObjectVersion (Default): $((Get-ADObject -LDAPFilter $fl -SearchBase $cc -pr objectVersion).objectVersion)"// Adjust the path to the C:\scripts\ folder and run the After running the PowerShell script, you will see an output of the Active Directory versions.How to confirm the Exchange Active Directory versions?

File properties (Explorer) and PowerShell were each showing a different subset of the available fields.Get-Item (among others) in PowerShell returns a FileInfo ( Speaking of metadata, you can get another view into which version is currently presented as being in %WinDir% by using fsutil.exe.

Below is a list of Exchange versions and related schema versions. ForestFor the forest, you can find out the current schema version by consulting the rangeUpper property of CN=ms-Exch-Schema-Version-Pt,cn=schema,cn=configuration,. Visit the We can confirm that Exchange 2016 Schema version is up to date for Exchange 2016 CU16.

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