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The $10,000 contract—representing ten percent of Haloid's total earnings from 1945—granted a nonexclusive right to make electophotography-based copying machines intended to make no more than twenty copies of an original. After years of debate within the company, the board approved a name change to "Haloid Xerox" in 1958, reflecting the fact that xerography was now the company's main line of business.The first device recognizable as a modern photocopier was the The 914's success was not only due to its relative ease of use, its design (that, unlike competing copiers, carried no risk of damage to the original), and its low operating costs compared to other machines that required special paper; Haloid Xerox's decision to rent the 914—at the price of $25 per month, plus the cost of copies at four cents each with a minimum of $49 per month—made it vastly more affordable than a similar competing copier.In 1961, because of the success of the Xerox 914, the company changed its name again, to Xerox Corporation.For Carlson, the commercial success of the Xerox 914 was the culmination of his life's work: a device that could quickly and cheaply make an exact copy of an existing document.
I'm as amazed by his discovery now as I was when I first heard of it.By the fall of 1945, Battelle agreed to act as Carlson's agent for his patents, pay for further research, and develop the idea. His study convinced him that in some yet unspecified manner it might be possible to duplicate documents by making use of photoconductivity. CHESTER F. CARLSON METROCENTER YMCA 444 East Main Street, Rochester, NY.
Chester Floyd Carlson (1906 – 1968) was an American physicist, inventor, and patent attorney born in Seattle, Washington.He is best known for having invented the process of electrophotography, which produced a dry copy rather than a wet copy, as was produced by the mimeograph process. One year later he was admitted to the New York bar. Perhaps most significant are the materials related to patents that Carlson developed and his writings about xerography.

Carlson became the Main Provider for his Family At age thirteen, Carlson worked countless hours to provide money. Genealogy for Chester Floyd Carlson (1906 - 1968) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives.

In 1948, Haloid's CEO, Joseph Wilson, convinced the U.S. Army Signal Corps to invest $100,000 in the technology, an amount that would double later. After the 914 went into production, Carlson's involvement with Xerox declined as he began pursuing his philanthropic interests.In the fall of 1934, Carlson married Elsa von Mallon, whom he had met at a Carlson married his second wife, Dorris Helen Hudgins, while the negotiations between Battelle and Haloid were under way. From 1956 to 1965, he continued to earn royalties on his patents from Xerox, amounting to about one-sixteenth of a cent for every Xerox copy made worldwide.Carlson devoted his wealth to philanthropic purposes. In effect, the intense illumination produced an invisible electrostatic image of the material being copied.

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