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Source: Lab Gallerie. C hinese singer Na Ying has gone viral this week for acting like a proper diva, booting an annoying fan for filming her.. In a popular video clip, a girl smiles at the camera while filming a woman walking behind her in a shopping center.The woman, believed to be Na, puts an end to the smile on the girl’s face by giving her a swift kick in the back.

Loh Keng Fatt The Straits Times Oct 3, 2019. 52-year-old iconic Chinese singer Na Ying, also known as Natasha Na, has had quite the impressive music career, having released 12 studio albums that have sold around 10 million copies in 30 years. The clip received mixed reactions from netizens.

Yes, the girl was kicked by Chinese singer Na Ying.

Na Ying (born 27 November 1967) is a Chinese veteran singer. A friend of the girl has since spoken up, saying that it wasn’t her pal's intention to harass Na Ying. She explained that her friend was a huge fan of the singer's and that she had travelled to Macau to catch The Voice of China concert. She merely wanted a picture with Na Ying when she bumped into the singer at the mall and did not expect to be kicked by her idol. She has been a judge of Chinese TV singing shows such as The Voice of China. You can say the fan got a kick out of meeting her idol. According to reports, the fan had bumped into Na Ying, 52, at the City of Dreams shopping mall in Macau. Na's father was a doctor, and wanted Na to have a good education and become a doctor when she grew up. Those on Na Ying’s side said that the fan “deserved it” and that it was a “good kick”.A friend of the girl has since spoken up, saying that it wasn’t her pal's intention to harass Na Ying. Veteran Chinese singer Na Ying was caught on video kicking a fan who tried to take a photo with her, Sin Chew Daily reported. If there’s anything anyone should know about Chinese pop diva Na Ying, it’s that she's not someone to mess with.

But supporters of Na point to media reports that said the celebrity's assistant had already warned the girl not to film the artist with her smartphone. Chinese pop star Na Ying, who is quitting the show after six seasons, said: "The brutal competition system may be the magic weapon of the show, but every time I …

She is also noted for her buoyant and forthright personality. She explained that her friend was a huge fan of the singer's and that she had travelled to Macau to catch However, Na exhibited a natural talent for singing, and was determined to become a singer instead.Na began her recording career in 1988 in Taiwan and Hong Kong.Although she devoted time to her family and children from 2002 to 2009, she never quit the stage,At the close of 2009 she performed the concert "20 Years of Na", a retrospective of her stage career, at the After a hiatus of nearly nine years, Na returned to the music scene in 2011, releasing a new album called In 2016, Na appeared on the first season of the show On 11 October 2017, Na announced through a letter that she would be resigning as a coach from In 2018, Na Ying and Faye Wong performed, twenty years later, together in the CCTV new year's gala singing the song "Lunar year".The following are a selection of her albums released from 1991 to 2015.In 2010, the list started to include Chinese celebrities born in

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