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This could have been through a desktop/laptop computer, mobile or smart phone, tablet, music or video player, gaming console, smart TV or any other device. Answer: Karratha, Australia (Administrative unit: Western Australia) - last known population is ≈ 19 700 (year 2014).This was 0.083% of total Australia population.If population growth rate would be same as in period 2011-2014 (+6.13%/year), Karratha population in 2020 would be: 28 145*.
Calculated percentages represent a proportion of all responses from people in Karratha (Statistical Area Level 2) (including those who did not state an ancestry).In Karratha (Statistical Area Level 2), 50.0% of people had both parents born in Australia and 26.6% of people had both parents born overseas.There were 8,518 people who reported being in the labour force in the week before Census night in Karratha (Statistical Area Level 2). The Shire of Roebourne, which encompasses the towns of Karratha, Dampier, Roebourne, Point Samson and Wickham, will now be known as the City of Karratha. Of these, 29.7% were in primary school, 16.0% in secondary school and 8.5% in a tertiary or technical institution.Of people aged 15 and over in Karratha (C) (Local Government Areas), 13.0% reported having completed Year 12 as their highest level of educational attainment, 24.2% had completed a Certificate III or IV and 7.8% had completed an Advanced Diploma or Diploma.2011 benchmarks are not available for this data item.Respondents had the option of reporting up to two ancestries on their Census form, and this is captured by the Ancestry Multi Response (ANCP) variable used in this table. The median/average age of the population of Karratha is 29 years of age.47.7% of people living in the suburb of Karratha were born in Australia. It operates on the Australia/Perth time zone, GMT: 8. The average household size was 2.8 people.Of occupied private dwellings in Karratha (C) (Local Government Areas), 6.2% were owned outright, 14.5% were owned with a mortgage and 76.3% were rented.In Karratha (C) (Local Government Areas), of all households, 76.5% were family households, 19.9% were single person households and 3.5% were group households.In Karratha (C) (Local Government Areas), 6.4% of households had a weekly household income of less than $650 and 43.0% of households had a weekly income of more than $3000.The number of households where rent payments were 30% or more of an imputed income measure are expressed in this table as a proportion of the total number of households in an area (including those households which were not renting, and excluding the small proportion of visitor-only and other non-classifiable households).

Karratha, an isolated city, is located approximately 1,535 kilometres (954 mi) north of The city is roughly rectangular in layout and is located on flat land adjacent to Nickol Bay. In the year before the Census, 20.7% of people did voluntary work through an organisation or a group.Of people who did unpaid domestic work in the week before the Census in Karratha (C) (Local Government Areas), 25.2% worked 5 to 14 hours, 9.3% worked 15 to 29 hours and 8.8% worked 30 hours or more.Of the families in Karratha (C) (Local Government Areas), 54.9% were couple families with children, 32.6% were couple families without children and 11.0% were one parent families.In Karratha (C) (Local Government Areas), 23.6% of single parents were male and 76.4% were female.In Karratha (C) (Local Government Areas), of couple families with children, 29.9% had both partners employed full-time, 1.8% had both employed part-time and 23.3% had one employed full-time and the other part-time.

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