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consumer price index june 2019

Chart 2. Year-over-year energy price indexes decreased in every province with the exception of Alberta (+0.3%). The sub-indexes for travel tours, spectator entertainment, and use of recreational facilities were imputed from the monthly change in the all-items index - effectively removing the impact of these goods and services on the CPI.

The largest annual decline was in Prince Edward Island (-18.8 per cent). All-items CPI excluding eight of the most volatile components as defined by the Bank of Canada, and excluding the effect of changes in indirect taxes (formerly referred to as CPIX), rose 1.1 per cent, year-over-year Air transportation that was purchased but cancelled is excluded from calculations. It’s worth noting that last year’s drop was the sharpest decline since 2012.Food also made a large upwards contribution with prices rising this year but falling a year earlier.

The increase in fresh or frozen beef prices was the largest monthly increase since May 1982 as several large beef processing plants closed down and other plants reduced production capacity due to COVID-19.Nationally, rent prices increased 0.6 per cent on a monthly basis while mortgage interest costs declined 0.3 per cent in June 2020. The ONS noted that some energy providers raised prices in June 2018 which was not replicated in 2019.Transport also made a large downward contribution, with prices rising 0.4% between May and June  this year compared with a 0.8% rise between the same two months a year earlier. European Union data for this report is now for the 27 member countries of the European Union, not including the UK. This minimal overall change in comparison to June of 2019 was the net effect of rising costs for home rentals and various food items being counteracted by considerable reductions in prices for fuel and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). All-items CPI excluding eight of the most volatile components as defined by the Bank of Canada, and excluding the effect of changes in indirect taxes (formerly referred to as CPIX), rose 1.1 per cent, year-over-year The headline Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 2.0% in June, year-on-year, unchanged from the previous month and in line with expectations.The Consumer Prices Index including owner occupiers’ housing costs (CPIH) 12-month inflation also held steady, rising 1.9%, year-on-year.Meanwhile, both the Retail Price Index (RPI) and RPI (excluding mortgage payments, RPIX) slowed in June, falling to 2.9% and 2.8% respectively.Pressure in the supply chain continued to ease, with input inflation falling into negative territory for the first time in three years while output inflation slowed to 1.6% - it’s lowest rate since September 2016.The largest downward contribution to the change in the 12-month CPI rate came from housing and household services where prices rose by 0.2% a year ago compared with little change this year.

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