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Return to Coordinated Entry System Supportive housing is an evidence-based housing intervention that combines non-time-limited affordable housing assistance with wrap-around supportive services for people experiencing homelessness, as well as other people with disabilities. Sonoma County Coordinated Entry System Rapid Re-Housing.

Sonoma County Coordinated Entry System Emergency Shelter.

Coordinated Entry is a streamlined system designed to efficiently match people experiencing homelessness to available housing, shelter, and services.

Clients can access the Coordinated Entry System by calling or visit the drop-in locations listed below: - Agency Day / Time Contact Method Homeless Services Center (Individuals) - 600 Morgan Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 - Phone: 707-525-0226 Mondays, Wednesdays - 8am-10am - (excepts holidays) Visit Social Advocates for Youth (ages 18-24) - Dream Center, 2447 Summerfield Road, - Santa Rosa, CA … Sonoma County Coordinated Entry Other Services.

It prioritizes those who are most in need of assistance and provides crucial information that helps communities strategically allocate resources and identify gaps in service. (from United States Interagency Council on Homelessness - Sonoma County Community Development CommissionHome Sonoma County is the local system of homeless service delivery and governance for the County. Sonoma County’s Coordinated Entry system employs a Housing First model that prioritizes individuals and families facing the highest vulnerability and needs for permanent, supportive housing. The reports tally the number of beds and units available on the night designated for the count by program type, and include beds dedicated to serve persons who are homeless as well as persons in Permanent Supportive Housing. Contact Coordinated Entry Monday through Friday, from 9am-5pm at: (866) 542-5480 or email Download the Coordinated Entry Flyer Sonoma County Coordinated Entry System (CES) Coordinated Entry is now available for All Individuals and Families Experiencing Homelessness! Return to Coordinated Entry System.

You may contact Coordinated Entry between Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm at: 1-866-542-5480 Transitional Housing has as its purpose facilitating the movement of homeless individuals and families to permanent housing within a reasonable amount of time (usually 24 months). HUD requires each CoC to establish and operate a "centralized or coordinated assessment system" (referred to as "coordinated entry" or "coordinated entry process") with the goal of increasing the efficiency of local crisis response systems and improving fairness and ease of access to resources, including mainstream resources.Ending Homelessness Program ManagerSonoma County Community Development CommissionHome Sonoma County is the local system of homeless service delivery and governance for the County. If you are currently without housing and have no plans to stay with friends or family, having your information entered into the Sonoma County Coordinated Entry System (CES).

Food. Rapid re-housing is an intervention designed to help individuals and families quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing.

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