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costco corporate building 1

I was not informed of this process in advance.I know really.

All of Citi’s preparations for the change in credit card carriers should have been in place prior to the June 20 inception date. My sister is the member card holder. You should sincerely check your management team at this location.

I told them I am going to retrieve my card in my car and I will be back through the line to get my merchandise both started laughing and whispered to one another. horrible service!!! The sleazy, aggressive, offensive, Costco Poway Direct TV salespeople harass customers as a matter of standard practice. I can’t say I’m surprised. I always thought Costco was more forward thinking than this.

This is kind of like what Wells Fargo are doing, opening account without customers’ knowing. I don’t believe this part of the Mission Statement. They promised me that ‘we will give you refund on this day’.

Please join me and contact your attorney general and file a complaint against both companies for this action. and change. I am currently licensed through a gaming commission and handle very large amounts of money. THAT PART of Costco is what many of us hate.I am extremely pissed off. And just because you have infuriated me to this extent I think I am going to buy $500-$1000 worth of medications/vitamins etc.

My physician has several days in a row sent the script to them again. So, if a bill doesn’t come, common sense says, that it’s still due. Official website for Costsco Wholesale. After doing some investigating I was told by a COSTCO Customer Service Supervisor that the vendor chooses the delivery company, I then reached out to the vendor and was informed that COSTCO chose the delivery company and they no longer work with CEVA because of their horrible customer service. He got hired on with reluctance, because he wouldnt get paid for so long. Take care hun.I love shopping at Costco but today made me never want to come back.

I did book this expensive trip through another agency.We have been memberrs of Costco since one opened up in Roseville, Michigan.

then I cancelled that order. He gets a call a few days ago saying he can pick it up Thursday instead of Tuesday.

Way to make the first impression, I will never open a Costco membership for this major inconvenience you guys have cause the entire summer!! In the northern CA area Direct TV has been a problem at every Costco I have ever shopped at. You don’t need a CitiBank Costco Card to shop at Costco.

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