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Cricket Australia’s claims of financial woes are puzzling, given the organisation has boasted two consecutive years of record revenue. Cricket Australia (CA) has withdrawn a gloomy revenue forecast which led to the departure of chief executive Kevin Roberts last month and threatened an ugly standoff with the players' union. Chairman's Report It is my pleasure to present this annual report as Chairman of Cricket Australia. “Calculating revenue projections 12 months ahead during a once-in-a-century pandemic has not been without its challenges, but we believe we have arrived at a position that provides all parties with greater certainty ...” CA said when the financial impact of the pandemic was clearer it would reassess the revenue forecast. Britain imposes new restrictions and slows reopening. “The parties have agreed to postpone the Australian Cricket Revenue projection until such time they are better able to assess the financial impact of the pandemic and calculate a clear projection for the year ahead,” the governing body said. Cricket Australia said in a statement on Monday that they had “agreed a way forward on Australian cricket’s response to COVID-19” with the union. Cricket in clubs Cricket in schools Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program A Sport For All Cricket Cares Investing in cricket infrastructure 03 PLAYERS MAKE AUSTRALIA … Despite the shutdown of sport having occurred at the end of the cricket season and Australia having been relatively successful in containing the pandemic, CA in early June forecast a drop in revenue of nearly 50% for the 2020-21 season. The ACA said they were “free” to do so “should there be a material revenue event affecting cricket”. CA’s first proposal to the states in April was for a blanket reduction in their grants of 45 per cent. First, … Cricket Australia has, however, had a boardroom problem for years. The annual report of Cricket Australia for the 2016-17 financial year. Here’s an easy benchmark: over at AFL House, chairman Senior figures involved in this adjustment process recall the generosity of Eddings’ new retainer with striking clarity, even if CA’s spokesperson now claims it is “nowhere near the numbers you are suggesting”. Follow our live coronavirus news here.At least 50 companies have doubled in value, while 17 have tripled in value since raising capital during the pandemic, according to data from Fresh Equities.The mood in Melbourne each day is being determined by one number, and the fear that one of your friends or family might be the next.Organisers of Noosa Triathlon – the biggest event of its type in the world – still hope to hold the event in early November, but prospects are worsening as COVID-19 infections spread.Queensland, which is shutting its borders to Sydneysiders on Saturday, has become the home to most winter sporting competitions.Carpooling for officials and unified branding for the Olympics and Paralympics are on the cards as the delayed Tokyo Games tries to cut costs.The Australian Sports Foundation is calling for $1.2 billion in government and private funding to survive the pandemic.Australia's Olympic supremo will play no role in the selection of a 2032 host region – for which Queensland is one candidate. Annual Reports of Cricket Australia - the governing body for Cricket in Australia Take cricket with you everywhere! Those cuts were accepted by Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, but rejected by NSW, Queensland and (in effect) Western Australia.Roberts is gone, but the ineptitude of cricket's administration continues.Extraordinarily, CA’s board approved a hefty pay increase for Eddings last year, which pushed his remuneration – as A CA spokesperson assures us “an independent external assessment [on Eddings’ previous salary] was undertaken and the results were less than benchmark”.
SYDNEY, July 6 (Reuters) - Cricket Australia (CA) has withdrawn a gloomy revenue forecast which led to the departure of chief executive Kevin Roberts last month and threatened an ugly standoff with the players’ union.
“Under this reset, CA has agreed to withdraw its June 2020 notices containing its revised revenue forecast, and in its place, roll over its ‘pre-coronavirus’ April 2019 forecast,” the union said it a statement on Monday. Cricket Aus secure new loan 0:33 The Ashes helped CA … All six state bodies laughed CA’s chief executive Chairman Earl Eddings has been in the Cricket Australia boardroom since 2008.Under CA’s second proposal, later in April, the state associations were to have their funding reduced by 25 per cent on the basis CA’s own revenues would fall by 50 per cent (which, with India’s tour of Australia proceeding in November, they won’t). The knock-on effect of this drop on grants to the powerful state bodies and player salaries triggered major discontent in the game and resulted in the ousting of Roberts last month.

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