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Every culture and religion has traditions seemingly normal or taken for granted by followers but unusual and fascinating for outsiders.
Hinduism practices focus on three main rights and ceremonies, centering on birth, marriage and death.

1. Yoga centers in the West—which generally advocate vegetarianism—attract young, well-educated Westerners who are drawn by yoga's benefits for the physical and emotional health; there they are introduced to the Hindu philosophical system taught by most yoga teachers, known as Vedanta.It is estimated that around 30 million Americans and 5 million Europeans regularly practice some form of Hatha Yoga.In the 20th century, Hinduism also gained prominence as a political force and a source for national identity in India. Hinduism as a religion has no single founder, no single holy book, no organisational hierarchy or structure. Another, though less fitting, self-designation is Vaidika dharma, the 'dhar… Hinduism Focuses on 3 Main Practices. 01.Significance of Namaste - Joining both palms together to greet. These texts are classified into two: Shruti and Smriti. 11, Issue 3, pages 283–319 harvtxt error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFNicholson2010 (This conjunction of nationalism and religion is not unique to India. Hinduism: 10 Unique Traditions Around India. Based on the prehistoric Vedic text, it is a faith in constant change. It is viewed as those eternal truths and tradition with origins beyond human history, truths divinely revealed (According to Alexis Sanderson, the early Sanskrit texts differentiate between Vaidika, Vaishnava, Shaiva, Shakta, Saura, Buddhist and Jaina traditions. Hinduism does not have anyone founder and it does not have a Bible or a Koran to which controversies can be referred for resolution. These arts were part of the process of spiritual culture, of refining and uplifting the tastes, values, and sentiments of human society. For Muslim historian's record on major Hindu temple destruction campaigns, from 1193 to 1729 AD, see Richard Eaton (2000), Temple Desecration and Indo-Muslim States, Journal of Islamic Studies, Vol. Hinduism was followed by around 79.8% of the country's population of 1.21 billion (2011 census) (960 million adherents).In the modern era, religious conversion from and to Hinduism has been a controversial subject.
Truly that Dharma is the Truth (Artha is objective and virtuous pursuit of wealth for livelihood, obligations and economic prosperity. The syllable Some Hindus such as those belonging to the Shaktism tradition,Hindu temples come in many styles, diverse locations, deploy different construction methods and are adapted to different deities and regional beliefs.Traditionally the life of a Hindu is divided into four Āśramas (phases or life stages; another meaning includes monastery).This "Hindu synthesis" emerged after the Vedic period, between 500The Vedic period is the period when the Vedas were composed, the liturgical texts of the religion of some of the During the early Vedic period (c. 1500 – c. 1100 BCEThe Vedic religion history is unclear and "heavily contested", states Samuel.The composition of the Vedic literature began in the 2nd millennium BCE.The evidence suggests that the Vedic religion evolved in "two superficially contradictory directions", state Jamison and Witzel, namely an ever more "elaborate, expensive, and specialized system of rituals",The first half of the 1st millennium BCE was a period of great intellectual and social-cultural ferment in ancient India.Increasing urbanisation of India between 800 and 400 BCE, and possibly the spread of urban diseases, contributed to the rise of ascetic movements and of new ideas which challenged the orthodox These ascetic concepts were adopted by schools of Hinduism as well as other major Indian religions, but key differences between their premises defined their further development. [a] According to Richard King, Radhakrishnan was a representative of See also "Aurangzeb, as he was according to Mughal Records"; more links at the bottom of that page. The practice is observed in temples as well as homes also.

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