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Dave recently revealed that ‘Psychodrama’ follows a three-act structure of “environment”, “relationships” and “social compass”, and as the album unfolds, ‘Psychodrama’ becomes a journey of self discovery, anger, fear and ultimately hope.Boasting industry veterans Fraser T Smith, 169, Nana Rogues and others on production, ‘Psychodrama’ is a slickly made effort, with robust beats offering a backdrop for Dave’s affecting lyrics. All rights reserved. Psychodrama is a form of psychotherapy in which patients role-play events from their past to heal and make sense of themselves. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of

Streatham casts an unsentimental eye over the rapper’s youth; Screwface Capital starts out swaggering about success and sexual prowess, but becomes increasingly dark and despairing, unable to shake off the ghosts of the past, before the lyrics crash to a halt. When Dave takes us on a tour of a lifetime of learnings and pressures and difficulties on stand out track ‘Black’, every piano key serves to emphasise the defiant and dexterous wordplay. Psychodrama (stylized in uppercase letters) is the debut studio album by British rapper Dave, released on 8 March 2019. Equally, as a showcase for Dave’s talents, it unquestionably works. PSYCHODRAMA holds visions of broken relationships, poverty, and deep-set depression, yet they're never inflated; through projecting his own experiences, Dave reflects the conditions of his South London home with frankness and personal grievance. Fearless and incisive, Dave’s reportage-style tracks sketch out race, prison and abusive relationships, resulting in a landmark recordInstead, it’s a complex, intelligent examination of racial identity that puzzles at the blanket use of the word “black” to describe a multitude of different ethnicities, that rails against institutionalised racism and cultural appropriation but doesn’t shy away from pointing out failings within the rapper’s own community. Much like the late-teen Nas on Illmatic, Dave's pen works beyond his years.
However big its ambitions, In a world where artists seem terrified of their audience hitting the fast-forward button, of skipping to the next song on the streaming service playlist, it’s a big ask to confront listeners with an 11-minute rap track, especially when the subject matter is as unremittingly grim as that of Lesley, but it’s genuinely gripping.

Dave uses the term as a …
The lessons you learn with Dave are sure to live long in the memory.The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. Culture > Music > Reviews Album reviews: Dave – Psychodrama, and Dido – Still on My Mind. “If you are genuinely offended by a man talking about the colour of his skin and how it’s shaped his identity,” It’s baffling and depressing: an artist who genuinely has something to say being shouted down for saying it. To judge by Annie Mac’s response, there has been a hint of “actually, all lives matter” about the criticism the track engendered. When Radio One listeners complained about the racially charged lyrics (Possessing a boldness you only encounter in a handful of albums a year, the record’s greatest strength is his ability to garner quiet moments of pondering in among the loud and rage of the world. The last minute and a half is entirely instrumental, given over to a haunting, jazzy keyboard solo, as if the rapper can’t face talking any more.The concluding Drama features a recording of a telephone conversation lauding Dave’s commercial success, but the person speaking is the rapper’s older brother, calling from prison, where he’s currently serving a life sentence for his involvement in the On the face of it, Psychodrama seems a strange way to go about achieving the latter: unvarnished and emotionally raw, it frequently makes for tough listening. Dave: Psychodrama review – the boldest and best British rap album in a generation 5 / 5 stars 5 out of 5 stars. It follows his first two EPs, Six Paths (2016) and Game Over (2017).

It may also be the best. Psychodrama is an absolute must-listen record of the 2010s decade as it deals with Dave's struggles with mental health, strained Psychodrama is an absolute must-listen record of the 2010s decade as it deals with Dave's struggles with mental health, strained relationships, domestic abuse, racism, and social inequality.

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