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describe structural damage caused by earthquakes quizlet

Check all that apply.A. Mercalli _____- shaking from an earthquake can make wet soil act like a liquid ... the shaking from an earthquake can caused it to act more like liquid liquefaction. PLAY. Earthquakes and earths interior surface.

... Quizlet Live. Help. Which scale is used to describe the amount of structural damage caused by an earthquake and people's reaction to it?

Quizlet Learn. In the US the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale is commonly used to describe damage caused by earthquakes.

describes earthquake intensity based on structural and geological damage. They travel away from the focus of the earthquake in all directions.The _______ scale is best used to measure the strength of small, nearby earthquakes.The _______ magnitude scale is useful for measuring the strength of earthquakes of all sizes and at all distances from a seismograph.The scale rates an earthquake according to how much damage it causes.Which is used to find the epicenter of an earthquake?Based on the seismograph measurements in the image, where is the epicenter of this earthquake? Although earthquakes are natural geological event, they kill many people a cause a lot of ____Magnitude- measure of energy released by an earthquake; determined by the ____ and based on the height of the lines on a seismogramMost earthquakes have magnitudes too _____to be felt by humans- 3.0 to 4.9 on the Richter scalethe modified _____ intensity scale describes earthquake intensity based on structural and geological damage_____- shaking from an earthquake can make wet soil act like a liquidcaused when a sudden movement of the ocean floor ____ against the waterTsunamis can travel thousands of ____ in all directionsknowing how and where to ____ for earthquakes can help prevent death and damageBuildings can be _____ to withstand seismic vibrationsFlexible, circular ______ are being placed under buildings; made of rubber and steelthe rubber acts like a cushion to absorb earthquake _____Homes can be protected by careful placement of heavy objects and securing____ applianceDuring an earthquake, crawl under a sturdy table or desk; out doors, stay away from ____ and power linesAfter an earthquake, check for water or gas line damage; leave _____ if a gas smell is presentnatural geological events that provide information about EarthScientists who study earthquakes and seismic waves are ________seismologists use records seismographs called _____ to learn ______the measure of the energy released in an earthquakedescribes the strength of the energy released in an earthquakethe _____ describes the intensity of an earthquake using the amount of structural and geological damage in a specific locationthe amount of damage done depends on _______, the _______, the ______,and the ____wet soil can be strong most of the time, but _______the shaking from an earthquake can caused it to act more like liquid ocean waves caused by earthquakes are called seismic sea waves_______ stand up to vibrations that occur during an earthquake True Tsunami travel times across a large body of water, such as the Pacific Ocean, are typically of the order of several days. Help Center. For these reasons, non-structural mitigation measures, such as land-use zoning or the development of monitoring systems, tend to be particularly effective. ... Name 4 factors that determine structural damage. Describe what Earth originally looked like and the processes it went through to form layers.

Geologists use seismic waves to locate the center of an earthquake.Which type of wave vibrates both side to side and up and down?Which type of wave is the first to arrive during an earthquake?When earthquakes produce vibrations called waves, how do those waves travel?C.

Intensity: measure of degree of ground shaking at a given locale based on amount of damage. Most earthquakes are caused by: The release of accumulated strain energy in rocks undergoing elastic deformation. Diagrams. tsunami. List and describe the various scales used to determine earthquake intensity and magnitude. Sign up.

It uses Roman Numerals from 1 to 8 (I to VIII) to rate the intensity. Honor Code. Oblate spheroid - not perfectly round. Describe Earth's shape. Flashcards.

Start studying Earthquakes. Modified Mercalli Intensity How much more energy does an earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale release than an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 on the Richter scale? Which waves can travel through both solids and liquids?Which waves can compress and expand the ground like an accordion?Which waves can violently shake structures when they reach the surface?Which scale is most useful for earthquakes of all sizes and distances?Which scale is good for small nearby earthquakes but not as useful for larger or distant ones?Which scale takes into account the movement of rocks along fault lines?Which scale rates earthquakes based on the amount of damage they cause?Which statements concerning how geologists locate an earthquake's epicenter are accurate? liquefaction.

Magnitude: calculated from seismic records and estimates the amount of energy released at the source of an earthquake.

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