did england help poland in ww2 funny mad libs / modern whig party platform
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did england help poland in ww2

Military commanders thought only in World War One terms so to defend France, they had dug a huge World War One type trench between France and Germany called the Magino Line which they were confidently sitting behind.

On 17th September Hitler postponed the invasion and on 12th October he abandons all thought of invading England. The Poles resist manfully but are no match for the German Blitzkrieg techniques and by the 6th October this battle is over while the British army is still in France. 28 Americans including tourists killed. As England had spent every penny they had in keeping the Germans out of England, Roosevelt arranged a Lease-Lend financing package on 6 December 1940 to provide the supplies England so desperately needed but which could not be immediately paid for.Back in North Africa and the Middle East, March-July 1941 England is now fighting the combined forces of Germany and Italy alone. England fights in North Africa and the Mediterranean to keep the Suez Canal open to its empire in the East and fights in the Middle East to keep access to oil as Churchill was responsible for converting all the Royal Navy shipping from coal to oil fired boilers. However the Germans are not slow in coming to the aide of their Italian friends and on 12 February ‘41 Germany’s ace Blitzkrieg General, Erwin Rommel arrives in Libya as the British, under General Platt, invade and quickly rid the Horn of Africa of their Italian rulers.England had for many years bought food from the US and attempted to continue, so the Germans torpedoed many neutral US merchant ship en-route to England which infuriated the Americans but did not cause them to come out of their staunchly neutral position in retaliation.The American president, Franklin D. Roosevelt was re-elected for a record fourth time on 7 November 1940 and the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill continued to try and persuade Roosevelt to support England in their time of need. Hence some two years after the outbreak of war Stalin is forced to look at Churchill and Roosevelt as allies rather than Hitler.This is not particularly good news for England as; Churchill does not trust Stalin The Germans advance rapidly eastwards where they not only quickly close in on Moscow but also move through the Balkans onwards towards the vital English controlled oil fields in the Middle East. Remember however Mainland England and the Atlantic fleets are also under continuous bombardment.

England has to respond to secure the oil fields which they do not want in German hands.Hitler changes his plans 1941 June 22. 17 Sept 1941.

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