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I however, am accountable for stirring up this mess and hurting my gf by stepping out on her. There’s a lot that happens in my psyche that I think a lot of stepmothers go through that as well. When I got my phone back I saw she told her to come over, but text as if it was me, and that’s why I sent “Dont come”. She said she was with him as recent as Valentine’s Day but things went left on Sunday when she said she Facetimed Drama and his girl answered.Chantal says Debakii confronted her and Drama denied to his girlfriend that he had been with Chantal. So I am having to skip so many steps to be a teen’s mom. When they met, nothing happened and it was all innocent for her until the two had a conversation that made her see him in a whole new light.At first she thought he was an actor, a misconception that was corrected by her colleagues on set, who told her Black Coffee was a DJ.“I said sure, goodbye, and he was gone,” she said, as she did not like the idea of dating a DJ.However, Black Coffee was persistent as he sent her a message and asked her out for coffee, an invitation she turned down, until she couldn’t any more as the We Dance Again hit maker was not giving up.“Sunday he came through and said, ‘Listen, I’m gonna take you to my gigs. The contestants are divided into two teams and must compete in challenges every three days. However, Debakii said that the pictures Chantal had with Drama were old and Chantal would not stop harassing them.TSR Exclusive Details: DJ Drama is living up to his name, chile. To make matters worse, Chantal claims that Drama took his girl’s phone and recorded the assault.Chantal says she suffered a black eye among other injuries but it wasn’t immediately clear if she was going to press charges on the couple. But in NO way shape or form would I set any woman up to get into a fight, nor did I have any physical altercation with my girlfriend.” Nuno Lopes is a busy man, he is an accomplished actor who dominated both the live and on-camera field, and then in his spare time, the actor is also a famous DJ. Am I being too stern or am I not being too stern?“He’s not mine so I almost have to treat him a certain way so that he doesn’t feel unloved. I understand that you’re busy and this was the only free day you had and I didn’t want to miss it, so do you mind?’“I was there, so I said, ‘Let’s do it, and we went gigging.’ I think that night we had to stop at Woolies because all the restaurants were closed. From that day on I thought ‘okay, maybe’.”It was horrible, she said, though their second date made up for it.They saw each other every day from that day and, three months into their relationship, Black Coffee went down on one knee and asked Mbali to be his bride. other things, what made Mbali fall in love with Coffee was his effort to see his then girlfriend even though they both had hectic schedules. The next episode of Double Shot At Love airs on July 30 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV. A woman named Chantal who claims she was seeing DJ Drama is alleging that he set her up to get assaulted by his girlfriend and then recorded the whole fight but he flat out denies it being true.Chantal exclusively tells us she had been seeing Drama for the past month and claims that he told her he was no longer with his girlfriend Debakii. | TheGhettoSnobSeries - YouTube He made so much time to see me and the effort made a difference,” she said.Though the couple exudes calm on social media, Mbali said she loved that they could be “stupid” together, but also serious together when necessary.When they married in a traditional ceremony at Mbali’s house in Soweto in 2011, they then decided not to have a white wedding and build a house instead.“Throughout those years, we bought property, sold property, we bought land, sold land.”Though Mbali may have been the envy of many after marrying the hottest DJ in South Africa at that moment, what they didn’t realise was that she had to be a wife to a man who has a teenage son, something that proved to be a bit tricky for her.“It’s very hard being a mother to a teenager when I have only been a mother to toddlers.

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