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Ableton is not an ideal DAW for cutting vocals on, but of course it came out amazing.”Sometimes extraneous elements made it to the album, for example the Ethiopian vocal sample from Aster Awake that connects the songs “False Alarm” and “Reminder.” The sample is a reminder of Tesfaye’s Ethiopia roots, but Ethiopian music is not otherwise an influence on And most of all there are the eye- and ear-catching two tracks co-written and co-produced by Daft Punk, which bookend Many questions have been asked of those who worked on The Fisman Triple Play, McKinney’s preferred guitar midi triggerHaving already referred to his use of Ableton, McKinney went into more detail on his tools of the trade.

“I use a midi guitar to do all the keyboards and even the drums. The modus operandi of how we wrote changed all the time.


Once upon a time—well, it does seem like an alternate universe these days—people wrote songs with pen & paper, and a guitar or a piano. The Sorcerer of Isis (The Ritual of the Mole) by Power of Zeus (1970) Party Monster (KRANE Remix) (2017) by The Weeknd Producer credit: Doc McKinney is a remix of Party Monster by The Weeknd (2016) Abel liked it, so we worked on getting it to the next level. You can be a great guitar player on the acoustic guitar, or you can be a great electric guitar player. “We had lots of conversations about this, remarked McKinney. I also play some of the guitars in ‘False Alarm’.’ I rarely credit myself for instruments on records. I’m quite a bit older than him, I have two kids and a family, and his third mix tape had more sexual content and we didn’t seem to be able to get that right, so I dropped out of the making of that.

McKinny, unlike Illangelo, was not involved in the third mixtape, Echoes of Silence (2011), nor in the making of the Weeknd’s first two big label albums, Kiss Land (2013) and his international breakthrough Beauty Behind the Madness (2015).“I first met Abel very early in 2011,” recalls McKinney. It’s the same with singing with or without Auto-Tune.

This led to longer song writing credits as both the creators of the original sample and of the new work had to be credited.The 1990s saw the rise of the DAW, which seemed tailor-made to create whole swatches of one-man bands and should have heralded an era of bedroom songwriters flooding the world with each song written, recorded and arranged by a single individual. McKinney co-wrote and co-produced, with Carlo Montagnese, aka Illangelo, five of the nine songs on The Weeknd’s debut mix tape, House of Balloons (2011). The Curb Commentator Channel 2 By Profiles The Morning (2011) by The Weeknd Producer credit: Doc McKinney.

Sign in. If someone comes up with a cool two words, he’s a writer. McKinney co-wrote and co-produced, with Carlo Montagnese, aka Illangelo, five of the nine songs on The Weeknd’s debut mix tape, House of Balloons (2011). Popular So yes, it did also help make the record sound more current.”Making the album sound current was one major brief during the making of Starboy, but by the end of the seven-month gestation process at Conway there was another concern. I’m lucky that Abel is a big fan of guitars, so many of the ideas we came up with started on guitar.”Antares’ AutoTune plugin, indispensable and ubiquitous on modern pop recordsOne major production decision was the extravagant use of Antares’ Auto-Tune on Tesfaye’s vocals, despite the fact that he’s an excellent singer whose vocals don’t normally need tuning. I was stressed out, because he wanted to start tracking so fast, and I was still in Ableton, so I had to cut his vocals in that. This site uses cookies.

We got Ali Shaheed Jones-Muhummad from A Tribe Called Quest in who did some cool orchestral stuff on it, and Kendrick [Lamar] did an amazing job. I’ve been working with midi guitar for so long that I’m used to latency, but the Fishman is totally workable. Cirkut likes to work in Cubase, and before things were sent off for the final mix they were transferred to Pro Tools.

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