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dolours price funeral

The couple have two sons but divorced in 2000.She was also the catalyst for a transatlantic legal battle over secret testimony she gave to an American college about her time in the IRA.Over a decade ago, she was one of 26 former IRA members to give a series of interviews to Boston College, as part of its oral history research project into the Troubles in Northern Ireland.Recordings were carried out with both loyalist and republican paramilitaries, on the understanding that they would be made public only once interviewees had died.In 2011, the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) The 37-year-old mother was abducted from her Belfast home and shot in the head in 1972.Mrs McConville was one of the so-called Disappeared, people who were murdered and secretly buried by the IRA.Her body was found more than 30 years later on a beach in County Louth.The researchers at Boston College fought the PSNI action, arguing that surrendering the transcripts would put lives at risk and compromise future oral history projects as a confidentiality agreement had been broken.It is not yet known how Dolours Price died but police in Dublin have confirmed they are investigating the death of a woman at a house in St Margaret's Road in Malahide.A teenager has been arrested over the hijacking of high-profile Twitter accounts in the US. I, … These are external links and will open in a new window The Police Service of Northern Ireland has gone through the courts system in America to seize some of the Boston College material as part of their investigation into the McConville murder.Former IRA hunger striker is buried after mass attended by Hollywood actor ex-husbandStephen Rea carries Dolours Price's funeral with her two sons in west Belfast. Gerry Adams will not attend the funeral of Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price, it was confirmed today. The Hollywood star Stephen Rea has carried the coffin of his former wife, the IRA Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price, at her funeral. Former IRA woman Dolours Price is heard describing the abduction, murder and secret burial of Jean McConville in unprecedented detail in a new documentary. Adams vehemently denies any role in the death and disappearance of the widow, as well as protesting he was never in the IRA.Hundreds of republicans flocked to Price's funeral, although her sister Marian was unable to attend because she is being held in prison on charges of alleged dissident republican activity.The sisters were jailed for their part in the 1973 bombing of the Old Bailey in which one man died of a heart attack after helping to clear the area around central London.

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