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Living in Malahide, she was struggling with PTSD and alcohol addiction and she was being treated at a psychiatric hospital.Yet, in the interview she appears coherent, and calmly explains how she was also involved in driving two other suspected informers to their deaths.She revealed how she drove Joe Lynskey — the Provisional IRA’s intelligence chief in Belfast — to his death after he was involved in a love triangle involving another volunteer’s wife.She said: “His loyalty to the movement was such that he accepted his fate. "She was deeply troubled by her part in my mother's death and clearly needed help to deal with that. Price claims that under IRA interrogation Mrs McConville confessed to becoming an informer "for money". Former IRA woman Dolours Price is heard describing the abduction, murder and secret burial of Jean McConville in unprecedented detail in a new documentary. “I, Dolours” intersperses interview footage of Dolours Price, a former I.R.A.

"But while we had very little money, my mother would never have gone out to a barracks or anywhere else in slippers. And what information would a mother-of-10 have had on the IRA anyway? The incident was reported to the media. "Mrs McKendry said she was angry that the informer allegations persisted. "The story about my mother in the barracks makes no sense. Dolours Price's account is in keeping with that.

She agreed to the interview on the basis that it would not be released until after her death.In the film, directed by Maurice Sweeney, Ms Price recounted how she was a member of a secret unit of the IRA called the Unknowns which was run by the late Pat McClure who reported back to the former Sinn Féin president, Previously, Ms Price had admitted she was involved in transporting Ms McConville across the border but in the film she detailed how she participated in the actual murder.Ms Price said Ms McConville was abducted because she was allegedly acting as an informer - a claim that her family has emphatically denied, with former Police Ombudsman Baroness Nuala O’Loan supporting that assertion.Ms Price said Ms McConville was taken to a grave dug by the Dundalk IRA and “shot in the back of the head by one of the volunteers”. Dolours Price, photographed for the Italian magazine L’Europeo; Jean McConville's coffin is carried past the Divis Flats in Belfast. Sacking of Dunnes manager 'who ate food worth £26 was justified' The unit was run by IRA man Pat McClure, who reported to the Belfast Brigade OC (officer commanding). It lasted more than 200 days as they were force fed by British prison authorities, but they were eventually moved as part of an agreement reached during the 1975 truce.Ultimately, she would only serve eight years behind bars, and in 1980 she was released on humanitarian grounds, suffering from anorexia.Not long afterwards, she married the Derry-born actor Stephen Rea.They remained together for 17 years, during which time Rea’s career went into orbit.He appeared in big budget films including Interview with the Vampire, Michael Collins and earned an Oscar nomination for his role in The Crying Game.Price and Rea settled in north Dublin and had two sons, Danny and Oscar, before they split.In the meantime, Price had grown disillusioned with the IRA. Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price tells of Jean McConville murder role in new doc on one of The Troubles’ most mercurial figures Aoife Finneran 9 Jun 2019, 8:45 "The IRA never at any stage mentioned anything about a blanket in a barracks.

It includes new revelations about the 1972 murder of Mrs McConville, the Belfast mother-of-10 whom the IRA alleged was an informer.In previous interviews Price confessed her role in driving Mrs McConville across the border and handing her over to a Dundalk IRA unit.It was believed those republicans then murdered the Belfast woman, whose body was found in Shelling Hill beach, Co Louth, in 2003.But Price reveals that while the Dundalk IRA members had dug a grave for Mrs McConville, they refused to shoot her. Death was too good for them.”At the time of her admission, Price was a clearly troubled woman. Adams, who has always denied being a member of the IRA, denied her allegation. I said ‘I’ll see you, Joe’, knowing full well I wouldn’t see him.Despite her reputation as a hardened paramilitary, the documentary gives a glimpse into the sense of remorse she may have felt for her heinous crimes.Asked by Moloney if she was haunted by the Disappeared, she answered: “Yes. "Her story about my mother at Hastings Street barracks is ridiculous. I think back on those who I had responsibility for driving away.

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