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A mess. Unfortunately Smiths career will suffer a bit without increased playing time.Yes Bruce and they have two second baseman that can’t catch anything up the middle.How can we stop this stupid narrative of using Smith to get rid of a contract? And with Smith having minors options available the Mets are in no rush to move him.So attaching Smith to bad contracts doesn’t make sense right now but we could see it happen sometime in March. LOL :)A braves fan in other posts who said he hates the Mets.I like Smith’s potential, but still question the power profile for a 1st baseman. Mets should probably deal him – but it’s not like he’s a piece of trash you package with a contract. I’m not a fan of the dedicated DH, and therefore I’m not a fan of Soler.“…I can name about 30 guys who previously sucked that had great years with the juiced ball.” So? Perhaps Smith … Plus, after combining for a 28.four p.c strikeout price with a 5.four p.c stroll price in the course of the prior two years, he made critical strides in these departments. All those contracts are guaranteed.Stop trying to send Marte to the Mets.

But that is a highly optimistic ceiling, because Smith was asked to only handle righty pitchers last year. Never heard of such a thing.Crazylarry. Mets should have no difficulty finding a willing trade partner. BUT, he was diagnosed with sleep apnea, got the necessary treatment and cpap apparatus and turned it all around. I wouldn’t trade him and I hope the Mets don’t eitherThe Metropolitans will package Dom with several others,since they need a big bat from a position player, who hits from the right side.Brodie is not gonna trade Smith unless he gets blown away by a ridiculous offer. He can’t play center anymore.Trading for Marte to play CF for a single season is better than any of the options the Mets currently have in CF. All of these components ought to buoy Smith’s commerce worth, as ought to the dearth of high-end first basemen in free company, but he’s nonetheless not going to deliver again any form of haul. For a team with postseason aspirations and high hopes for free agency, this offseason has been a disappointment for the Minnesota Twins. Honestly he shouldn’t cost a ton. Also, the rebuilding Pirates have younger in-house options that are better than Marisnick, The Pirates are looking for a young catcher and pitching in any Marte deal.Mets are also going to have to wait and see after spring training how SLOW Robbie Cano is.Every player has problems reaching low pitches on the corners.Marte makes no sense for the Mets.

Nonetheless, if the Mets don’t obtain a suggestion to their liking, they hold Smith as a bench participant or stash him as depth in Triple-A ball.

Simeon Woods Richardson or Adam Kloffenstein.A’s would not be giving up Canha at bats for Smith. Having a capable back up first baseman is important, and I thought people went away from stash any position player there attitude in recent years.You seem to think that Dominic Smith rebuilt value to the point that teams are in love with him. I could dig Marte in CF for this season and then slotting him over to a corner OF spot after the season. May not be a bad option for the Yankees considering their somewhat competitive 1B situation and their apparent search for a longer-term option.Yet another prospect/player overhyped by the Mets organization and many of its fans.

Next 1 of 4 Prev post. Look how little Miami got for StantonThe Rockies will never get that deal, or anything close. He is worth way more than people think on the bench and playing at first occasionally as the 3 batter minimum and a 26 man roster will give him way more at bats this year even if he doesn’t play in the outfield. Really solid glove.Ok Metsie1 but where us he going to play? I’m not a fan of the dedicated DH, and therefore I’m not a fan of Soler.It’s what he can’t do. It definitely can be done. Mets first baseman/outfielder Dominic Smith entered the winter looking like a prime trade candidate, but nothing has come together a few months since the team’s season ended. He still has options and he is a former #1 pick. Mets will have loads of cash to spend, but not until after the 2020 season.

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