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Douglas Murray has been a central target of this outrage, particularly due to the praise supposedly given to his book The Strange Death of Europe within Generation Identity and other identitarian circles. He focuses on four major areas within this topic: gay, women, race and trans, using four main chapters separated by smaller interludes on related matters. Douglas Murray December 3, 2019 9:13 am.

True, I am wearing a shirt and a jumper with a jacket on top. Douglas Murray – The migrant crisis of 2015 and its ongoing effects. And on Christmas Eve, after the new governor of the Bank of England was announced, the BBC ran the headline ‘Why didn’t the Bank of England appoint a woman?’Madness like this is why, in 2020, alongside comedian Andrew Doyle, I am doing a tour of the UK called Resisting Wokeness. His most recent book The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity is out now.

I can be nuanced about it as well, of course supporting ideas of Sam Harris or Douglas Murray is not a one way linear path to acting like Brenton Tarrant or Anders Breivik, but they draw inspiration from the same cesspit of ideas – most of which are despised by the same people who criticise both of them. Unchanged, one very certain outcome. Also, this one:Your nuanced approach misses the two most important nuances of all. But March isn’t that warm in the Gulf and the ‘Mad dogs and Englishmen’ jokes are all unwarranted.I transfer in Cyprus to go on to Tel Aviv, wishing there was one country on this trip I could go to from another. After any atrocity, our ideal scenario should be a grand unification of both left and right to condemn the perpetrator, his methods and goals wholeheartedly. That is where woke ideology gets you. My observation is that every event is distilled down to a single, binary value variable based purely on emotion that can be easily sold to the target market. There is a modicum of logic in these arguments. As I like to say, if you want your country to be more like Somalia, then bring in Somali migrants. There is a terrible silence, followed by some giggling and a small amount of applause which is afterwards said to have come from the foreigners in the audience.By way of comparison, with me on a panel onstage we have a smart young Syrian girl from Aleppo who is currently studying in Newcastle after being given asylum, with her family, by Britain. Should we reassess the claims of the ‘de-radicalization’ industry? After my speech, a more than usually aggressive interviewer demands to know why Britain and other European countries have not taken in more Syrian migrants.

Some Islamists decide that the correct response is to kill Sajid Javid and me, among others.

Immigration and migration are separate issues and the baseline principal of Islamic encroachment into western civilizations isn’t for the purpose of individual improvement.If you enjoy our articles, be a part of our growth and help us produce more writing for you:

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