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jamming radius up 35 meters,protect effective areas from being photographed.
UAVs carry explosives, chemical weapons, biological weapons, etc, and attack military bases. It has a wide range of jamming and can jamming with any UAVs, ensuring your privacy is safe from UAV spies. Spectrum jammer is very light (just 2.7kg), compact (260x260x70) and has an incredible jamming range of 200-600 … $6410.68 $9648.68 High Power Trolley Box UAV Jammer Directional Antenna Drone Blocker Gun High power uav blocker gun trolley design are easy to carry.

Nowadays the UAV is getting more and more popular,they have become a form of recreation, one of the hobbies of people. In the face of such threats, buy a powerful drone killer shield may be the best measureto defeating remote control aircraft attacks in the future. Porn, weapons... Directional Antenna 34-40W Drone UAV RC Jammer up to 800m. People have been using drones to smuggle goods for years. Offer the latest anti-drone technology including a drone jammer and a net firing device. Ouch... You have clicked a page that seems to be very popular. Newest Portable Drone Jammers 3G 4G GPS LOJACK UHF VHF WiFi2.4G/5G.

The ability to stop multiple uavs is important because terrorists may use multiple drones to launch simultaneous attacks and will increasingly continue to do so.It gives a threat to our privacy right as the aircraft might spy on you without your permission. Some drones also use GPS signals to locate operations. This is a wall-mounted high power wireless signal jammer that can interfere with gsm, wifi 2.4g and wifi 5.8g signal frequencies with a maximum interference radius of 50 meters. Drone brings us a lot of fun, but also destroyed our daily life. $2599.99 $4199.99. At present, UAV blocker are mainly divided into two types. $97.99 $219.89. Free shipping and one year warranty. Perfectjammer also offer a drone guarding service which can be used to protect sporting events and concerts.

If you want to know the frequencies of your country, we can offer you some help: Drones can be fun to fly, but they're also a headache for security. Equipped with directional antenna, can work effectively. We configured this jammer with one simple idea - to give the opportunity to the owner of this device to make sure that if any remote controlled aircraft is flying within the jamming radius of Drone Killer 6 - … Drone Killer 6 is capable to jam most frequently used commercial drones frequencies. (Note: jamming distance varies with the surrounding environment) Product Features: Chronos’s CTL3510 Interference Detector & CTL3520 GNSS Interference Detector and Locator are handheld devices designed to detect and quickly locate the presence of jamming signals from commercially available GPS jammers.

Even then, shooting at a drone with a weapon presents a problem—missed shots can endanger the public. Amid the growing threat from uavs, a portable device has been developed on the market to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles by blocking communications between operators and them. Drones are flying spies, poking their nose in sensitive areas, and there are rising concerns they could be used as flying improvised explosive devices (IEDs.) This drone jammer can quickly block 2.4 GHZ 5.8 GHZ drone signals and GPS signals. It’s currently a bit busy. This powerful drone killer jammer you deserve to have. A device called UAV jammers can disable remote controlled aircraft,protect your privacy.The anti drone frequency jammers kit in the category are good anti unmanned aerial vehicle devices to disable any UAVs in their jamming radius range. Uav flying about in a no-fly zone is the most important phenomenon makes the public order is destroyed, another is the use of them do moral problem is increasingly prominent, in violation of the law to jail delivery of drugs, unmanned aerial vehicle carrying bomb air strikes have occurred, the national important institutions using unmanned aerial vehicle jammer system is necessary.In order to protect our privacy, the The device prevents the drone from communicating with its remote control. $308.89 $618.89.

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