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earthquakes and tsunamis reading comprehension

The waves travel out of the area of origin and can be extremely dangerous and damaging when they reach the shore.Sometimes the term, “seismic or tidal sea wave” is used to describe the same phenomenon. Never go down to the shore to watch for a tsunami, and never try to surf a tsunami, should there be a tsunami warning.

(b) What is the difference between a tsunami and tidal waves? (c) How does the Japanese term for tsunami correctly describe it? (d) What steps should be taken in the event of a tsunami? Reading Comprehension with 15 questions 9,902 Downloads . Introduce the lesson with a discussion about the events surrounding the earthquake and some BBC footage.. These reading comprehension passages with multiple choice questions will help you to solve reading comprehension … Thus, the Japanese word “tsunami”, meaning “harbour wave” is the correct, official and all-inclusive term.

As mentioned above, tsunami waves can be generated by other non-seismic disturbances such as volcanic eruptions or underwater landslides, and have physical characteristics different from tidal waves. Reading Skills get sharpened by unseen passage reading comprehension test. To be used along with research tasks or discussion.Introduce the lesson with a discussion about the events surrounding the earthquake and some The students need to be given the information without the questions to encourage them to read fully – this is not a scanning exercise.

More details and ideas can be found within the resource. Displaying all worksheets related to - Tsunami Comprehension. Scientists believe that a collapsing volcano 73,000 years ago caused a giant tsunami that engulfed a nearby uninhabited island.

Japan Earthquake (a video activity) ... A worksheet to teach earthquake vocabulary, with reading comprehension and information finding exercise. These worksheets are based upon the Britannica School Earthquake and Tsunami Articles, Reading Level 1. This tsunami essay describes tsunami facts and tsunami effects. A tsunami is made up of a series of very long waves which will travel outward on the surface of the ocean in all directions away from the source area.The International Tsunami Information Centre, based in Honolulu, Hawaii, has been educating the public about the threat from tsunamis for the past many years. Tsunami waves are completely unrelated to the astronomical tides-which are caused by the extraterrestrial, gravitational influences of the moon, sun, and the planets. The disaster was the … It also tells vitamin c sources and vitamin c vegetables. This passage is all about tsunami causes including exactly tsunami meaning. Tsunami effects are really grievous. It has been internationally adopted because it covers the impulsive wave generation.Once a tsunami has been generated, its energy is distributed throughout the water column regardless of the ocean’s depth. A comprehension exercise in response to the earthquake and consequent tsunami in Japan.

(e) What does the word, ‘devastating’ mean? The text can also provide a focus for work on technical vocabulary (L2) and word borrowings and origins (L1-2).Did this lesson today – it went really well and the students seemed to really enjoy it.

Read the passage to find vitamin c foods and vitamin c for the face.

A noticeable rise or fall of coastal water is nature’s tsunami warning and should be heeded. These reading comprehension passages …

The students can then be set a research task using the internet to look at a natural disaster of their choice, either in general or a specific example.

We provide reading comprehension exercises with answers.

Go through this tsunami history. It is a series of large waves of extremely long wavelength and period usually generated by a violent, impulsive undersea disturbance or activity near the coast. If you have found this website and its resources useful, please consider making a donation to help fund hosting and ongoing development.© Copyright Skills Workshop.

(a) Describe any two factors which may cause a tsunami.

(c) The Japanese term for tsunami meaning, ‘harbour wave’ correctly describes it as it covers impulsive wave generation. * Locating earthquakes using latitude and longitude, * Tohoku 2011 fact file, * Earthquake crossword, * Earthquake vocabulary, * Formation of a tsunami, * How do earthquakes occur, * How do tectonic plates move, * The Mercalli scale

(Para 2)(iii) full           (iv) calm                                                                (h) Write the opposite of the word, ‘misleading’.

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