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The Iraq War led to about 2.3 million people being driven out of their homes. But even before they were The Band, they had achieved considerable success and fame as the backup band for Ronnie Hawkins and, even more famously, Bob Dylan.It’s not every day that mild-mannered pop and funk superstar Stevie Wonder releases a seriously political song. Shortly after its release, he recorded a live acoustic version as part of the MTV Unplugged series, which was also a big hit.Vera Lynn was a British singer who was tremendously popular during World War II, especially with the troops.

In 1968 it was far from given that Leonard Cohen would ever be a legend in the music industry. It is arguably his best-known song and is a benchmark of 60s folk-rock. Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen van, while Wozniak sold his Hewlett-Packard scientific calculator. The man is also more likely to turn to infidelity, in an attempt to assert his masculinity. As for Theresa Russell, she has been floating in and out of the mainstream for 40 years. Asher was a photographer and actress who was a significant part of the British cultural scene in the 60s, and the press was in love with the romance between her and Paul. His legacy lives on as his oldest child, Michael Gandolfini, is poised to follow his footsteps. Between 1830-1836, the people who worked at the United States Mint adopted the eagle, and use it as model for the drawings. So, they believed the skin dies and falls off when its original owner died. Axl Rose’s girlfriend, of course, Erin Everly, daughter of Don Everly of the legendary rock duo, the Everly Brothers. What King and Goffin did was write a playful response to the original song called “Oh! The biggest plastic surgery specialty organization in the world, the American Association of Plastic Surgery, was established in 1931, by surgeons who helped curtail unregulated plastic surgery while serving in the First World War. His crystal clear tenor voice is instantly recognizable and has earned him the everlasting legacy as one of the greatest vocalists in the history of rock music.It should come as no surprise, given that Yoko Ono was John Lennon’s muse for more than a decade before his tragic murder, that his song “Woman” was inspired by her, though it was also dedicated to all women everywhere. In poetic references to elves, there is a certain surgical procedure called ‘Elfing’, where the surgeon carefully cuts off the top of the ear cartilage, only to sew it back onto the ear, but forming a pointy shape. The current denominations of U.S currency are the $1, $2, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills. The 1990 helicopter crash that killed his friend and fellow musician Stevie Ray Vaughan also took the lives of Clapton’s manager and two other people. They don’t have free will nor independent thought, even though they have human bodies. In 2008, Apple received criticism from Greenpeace for using hazardous chemicals in their iPhones. Simon proposed to Fisher at a baseball game. It was the number two single on the official charts, leading to speculation and accusation that it was really number one, and was purposely kept off the top spot as a form of punishment.“MacArthur Park” was a huge hit for Richard Harris in 1968. The Odin god had two ravens that went around to listen through people's chimneys, and determine who had been bad or good. It was inspired by his then-fiancee Jane Asher.

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