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Some keyword trends lasted a day, while others lasted over a week. In the case of Venezuela, three quarters of their export economy was comprised of crude oil – one of the lowest scoring product categories in the ranking.A low level of economic complexity isn’t necessarily a problem. Here, for example, we see that there were a total of 10 students with Mathematics as their major–5 of these ended up working as a Theorist, 3 as Accountants, while 1 became a Journalist and 1 went into a service occupation.The ECI package takes adjacency matrices like this and uses it to calculate the ECI on both the major and the occupation sides.

"As a result, its economy is projected to grow ⁨slowly.⁩"As a consequence, the economy will grow 2.2 per cent a year over the coming decade, ranking in the ⁨bottom half⁩ of countries globally, according to the Harvard projections.Countries can do very well selling a narrow range of simple products. To compound matters, the country’s economy is heavily It’s no secret that Venezuela has seen some tough times in recent years. Economic diversity refers to the number of products that a nation produces.

The top South Korean exports include integrated circuits, cars, refined petroleum, and vehicle parts among others.

SoftBank’s $100 billion Vision Fund is partially the result of Saudi Arabia’s push to develop a diversified, knowledge-based economy.

Japan ranks top among all countries by economic complexity. The country had a GDP of $296B and GDP per capita of $87.9k in 2016.The ECI is more of a predictive tool rather than a descriptive tool. In 2016, it exported products worth $315B with China being its top destination. The ECI package allows you to compute the economic complexity index for any bi-partite network configuration. Therefore, in states where it wasn’t trending, the word “coronavirus” may have already been a popular search term for a while, so the keyword didn’t see a sudden spike in interest like it did in other places.In the last decade, there were moments when the entire country was googling the same thing. The exports dealt in by Singapore are refined petroleum, semiconductor devices, computers, and integrated circuits. Given email address is already subscribed, thank you! Commodities and a few finished goods moved between a handful of countries in a straightforward way.Today, around 6,000 officially classified products pass through the world’s ports, and digital products and services zip across country lines creating an extra layer of difficulty in measuring economic activity.To try to understand this enormous level of economic complexity, the team at Harvard’s Growth Lab have created the Japan, Switzerland, and South Korea sit at the top of the ranking. Switzerland’s top exports include gold, human or animal blood, jewelry, and base metal watches among other products. Australia's top trading partner, China, rose from 51st to 19th over the same timeframe.The index measures the diversity and sophistication of national exports, based on research by Harvard economist Ricardo Hausmann finds Australia is part of a group of simple economies that should adopt policies that single out specific industries for support.The Harvard data exposes the paradox of the Australian economy: the eighth-richest nation in the study has the export profile of Angola.Notwithstanding the success of CSL, Atlassian and corporate pioneers, Australia sells the world almost nothing, relative to total exports, that requires a degree to make. Something went wrong. Substituting equation (3) into (4) yields: When workers are connected to assets in real time, they can make better, more informed decisions—ultimately becoming a more efficient workforce overall. We propose a structural alternative to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI, Hidalgo and Hausmann 2009; Hausmann et al.

From the year 2011, South Korea has reduced its imports from a value of $501 billion to only $389 billion in 2016.Switzerland has an economic complexity index of 2.33.

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