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Or were they referred by our affiliate partner?”. Your application will work like it is built directly into Ecwid. Added optional parameter to Storefront JS API method Added control for favorites feature in storefront – Added toggle for "Ask for company name" field at checkout - Updated Ecwid CSS Framework version to Added option to get and update store design settings in Added a reference spreadsheet for static information in Ecwid stores – currencies, weight units and country codes. Webhooks is an easy, effective solution to these questions and many more. A new page with available applications is already in the merchant control panel. This represents a huge opportunity to drive adoption and engage users with your service, whether it is a web/mobile application, custom development, or design service.Here are the examples of applications that use the new Ecwid API.Another great part of the new Ecwid API is the ability to bring about our new App Market. Copy the values for your API Key and API Password: Open Ecwid Control Panel → Payment in a new browser tab.

Added ability to get all set up payment methods of a store via Ecwid REST API in Added options to customize product details pages with Ecwid JS API. It allows merchants to send out coupons that only work for new customers.With this change we are deprecating the If you are creating or updating a discount coupon, make sure to use the old In a situation where both these fields are sent, the priority will be given to the new field – Now you can get the default sort order the merchant has set in their checkout settings. "SOLD OUT" label has priority over "ON SALE" label, meaning if both labels apply to a product and are enabled, Ecwid will only show "SOLD OUT" label.Added information about enabled or disabled new features of a store and their visibility status in Added ability to get all store shipping options via Ecwid REST API in Updated Ecwid CSS Framework and Sample Native App to use the latest improvements and changes to design of pages in Ecwid Control Panel.New CSS Framework version is 1.3.0: It provides default price of a product that is displayed in storefront.

This header tells Ecwid to provide compressed version of the response, thus it improves the speed of the responses.Use it to make 'heavy' requests like getting all products or orders from a store.Available date formats for the REST API were changed in the documentation to only include UNIX Timestamp format – for ease of access and understanding.This change is only for the documentation and we do not plan to change the date format support in the REST API itself in the future.Added UPC attribute and "Compare to" price support for product variations.Now you can set specific UPC attribute values as well as "Compare to" prices for a specific product variation in Ecwid Control Panel and Ecwid REST API.The changes are available in these API features:Added new parameters for opening product details pages with Now you can open a specific variation when opening a product details page or just a specific set of product options (dropdown and radio buttons supported only). Return to your eWay account and navigate to Settings → Shared Page. Find eWay Rapid: Paste your eWay Rapid API key and API Password: Click Save. Sign Up Today for Free to start connecting to the Ecwid Instant Order Notifications API and 1000s more! Check out the Ecwid Instant Order Notifications API on the RapidAPI API Directory. It includes product combinations, product options as well as taxes applied to products. Contribute to Ecwid/ecwid-api-docs development by creating an account on GitHub.

NodeJS wrapper for API. The API is REST based, and uses OAuth 2 … See the fields Added batch API endpoint for Ecwid REST API.Now you can send up to 500 requests to Ecwid API simultaneously in one request. Your application will work just like a native feature of Ecwid.Being integrated with Ecwid this way, your app will get more visibility and engagement with Ecwid merchants — it will be a part of a merchant’s Control Panel and smoothly integrate itself into the To learn more about this capability, please visit Depending on the kind of application you integrate with Ecwid, you may want to customize the user storefront in some way. Or maybe you need to check up on a customer with an unfinished order? Ecwid E-commerce Shopping Cart is Fast and Easy to Use! ← Go back to Intro The Ecwid API Platform Ecwid's API is a RESTful API with oAuth2 authentication. A merchant just needs to allow your application to access their data and they are done.The process works similar to the This also lets you be transparent about what merchant data you’re using and how you are using it, thereby increasing confidence in your application and building trust in the relationship with Ecwid merchants right from the start.Using the Ecwid API, you can add your application right into the user Control Panel. For example: “Did the customer come from an ad campaign? Learn more; September 27, 2017.

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Contribute to Ecwid/ecwid-api-docs development by creating an account on GitHub.

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