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Eli arrives back at school, running into a worried Clare. Later on, he watches Tristan practice while Becky walks in asking why he is up there. Later at The Dot, Eli finds Fitz and asks if he would accept a fake I.D., which Eli will make for him as a token of love, in exchange for leaving he and Adam alone. He runs into Mr. Simpson and freaks him out. Eli is happy for his friend until he finds out Fiona was drinking again. The next day, Eli is seen watching the area, looking out for Fitz. At first, it seems like Fiona has stood Adam up but then she comes and is clearly out of it.

The next day at school, Clare is with her religious group, and Clare tells them all that her parents are getting a divorce, and while saying this, Eli comes in the room and listens to their discussion. Clare asks Eli if they should re-shoot that scene, hinting she wants to kiss him again. They begin to strip when Clare's mom knocks on Clare's door and says that the hospital called. The next day, Clare is excited about the kiss and asks him if after editing the video he wants to see a movie, but Eli ignores her. He also wore black eyeliner to compliment his look. He apologizes for how he acted when they broke up and states he will be leaving the next day. Clare insists that it still wasn't the right thing to do, and that if he is going to be acting like this all the time, she can't be with him. Eli asks if anything is wrong and Clare says it's probably nothing and goes to talk to her mom. He assures her he loves her and that she is more than just a cancer patient. Later, Eli and Jake are at his house where Jake is rollerblading while Eli works on his project. Eli decides to tell the audience that although he changed the ending many times, it still won't be a happy ending. Eli says he puts his feelings in his work and it can be scary because it comes from someplace real and starts to cry. She quickly tells him to cover up and that they should take a rain check. Eli's Necklace (Click to enlarge) As worn by Degrassi's Eli Goldsworthy Chain length: 46.5 cm Material: Silver plated Brass . Eli then tries to give Clare her father's watch back, but she says he can keep it. But Clare then tells her that the weed's Jake's and that he gave it to Eli. Before the play, he admits to Fiona that he's a mess and can't do it, but she makes him act anyway, since Imogen didn't show up. He tells them that doesn't sound very positive and they tell him that they say that to everyone. She tells him that she saw and spoke to Fitz. He caves, promising to smooth things over with Fitz, but is interrupted when Fitz arrives.

At the awards, after Clare finishes her speech, Eli greets her backstage, and the two sneak out and run across the stage to leave. He has a twin brother named Thomas, as well as a younger brother named Michael. Eli tells Simpson not to expel him so he can finish the year to get into NYU. While Drew gives his speech, Eli wipes a tear off his face. Clare tells them she couldn't handle being around her parents, and his parents say that she is welcomed anytime. When Adam begins to explain, Eli says he doesn't have to, but Adam decides to tell them that he is an Female-To-Male transgender. Eli Goldsworthy Biographical Date of Birth December 1993 Place of Birth Canada Gender Male Occupation Student Relationships TBA Family TBA Portrayed By Munro Chambers He has an on and off again relationship with his best friend They are next seen sitting on a bench where Eli advises her to write about something she cares about, and she immediately thinks of her parents' marital problems, but refuses to write about that due to its personal nature.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The next day, Eli is going along with Clare's plan: to have him over as Helen walks in, asking if Eli went home, and Jake answers yes. Eli then tells her he couldn't have written it without her and that it's all about her. Later, Eli and Clare return to the closet where they start planning their night after Prom. Later, after Adam's incident with the tampons, Adam finds Eli and Clare outside talking about it. Later, Eli shows up to give Clare another driving lesson and notices she's distracted.

He says, "I know you're a cancer patient, but you're also Clare Edwards...My smart and beautiful girlfriend."

Eli is 16 years old and will be attending Degrassi as a junior for the 2010-2011 school year. He runs into Clare and tells her that the interview went great and they hug. It is believed that at this point, he dropped his "goth" look for a more "punk" look.

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