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Those bonds extend beyond physical space and touch now and forever.”—J. Some well-worn parts of the Match Day tradition stayed the same: As the clock struck noon on Friday, March 20, 138 Emory medical students received notice of where they will begin their careers as doctors. “I’ve learned so much and I made friendships that will last a lifetime. “We have had many highs and lows as a class, but each time we have been there to pull each other through. Below, a few members of Emory’s School of Medicine Class of 2020 share their backgrounds, aspirations, and why they chose Emory for their medical education.When she first arrived, she was active in the Student National Medical Association and spent her first year coordinating with classmates and planning events centered on culture and identity. Congratulations and all the best class of 2020!” Match Day occurs nationally on the third Friday of March every year where the results of the National Resident Matching Program (NMRP)are announced. Denise found two other great loves at Vanderbilt: Nashville hot chicken and couples-match material in her husband, John, who is a resident in Emory’s internal medicine program. Emory University School of Medicine's medical school, residency, transitional-year, and fellowship programs offer students the latest knowledge in treatment practices, scientific theories, research, and patient care. The specialties chosen most frequently by class members for their residencies were: internal medicine (38), pediatrics (16), emergency medicine (13), ob/gyn (9), orthopedics (7) and surgery (7).“Emory’s commitment to the community shone through during the interview, with our tour through Grady, and when the time came I knew I was lucky to be admitted,” said Halyard. “These are exceptionally stressful times we will not be deterred from congratulating our graduating class for their success to date and enormous promise moving forward. In working with the Atlanta population living with HIV, Halyard learned about the barriers they faced and the role primary care could play in mitigating these barriers. News Story: Match makers. ... Help us capture and tell the virtual Match Day 2020 story! I left my interview in Atlanta and knew it was a perfect fit,” Newman said.They knew Emory was the place for them the moment they considered the possibility of not walking through Grady’s doors this summer.
TOPICS: emory residency emory residents Emory University Department of Medicine j willis hurst internal medicine residency match day training Posted By: Emory Department of Medicine March 23, 2020 On March 20, thousands of medical students across the country participated in Match Day to discover where they will begin their residency training. They were taken before the onset of social distancing. As time passed, she became more aware of how constructs of identity could intersect with medicine, and what role that would play in her future career. 10:42. Language: English

Emory’s Throughout the course of their residency training, the incoming residents will experience unparalleled clinical training and participate in a comprehensive educational curriculum that emphasizes achieving complete competence in general internal medicine, while allowing for ample experience in all internal medicine subspecialties.Match Day was held virtually this year, but that didn’t stop our faculty, staff, and the entire Emory School of Medicine community from celebrating the accomplishments of our medical students.

"Though we don’t know each other well yet, you are the most talented group of people I have ever met. The Emory students were among thousands of graduating medical students receiving positions at U.S. teaching hospitals through the  that annually matches students with residency programs. 2019. Through the work of its nine divisions and numerous centers and institutes, the department has pioneered discoveries in medicine, education, scientific and clinical investigation, and clinical care. Matching as a couple allows two residency applicants to link their rank order lists, usually for the purpose of gaining residencies in the same location. On March 20, thousands of medical students across the country participated in Match Day to discover where they will begin their residency training. Emory checks all the boxes that anyone would describe in looking for a residency: excellent mentors, supportive residents, incredible research opportunities, and a tertiary care center with a large catchment area where you have the opportunity to care for a wide variety of patients,” Newman said.As we explored Italy, learning about the humanistic roots of medicine and fully delving into the thought “first do no harm,” I had the chance to interact with professors and attendings at Emory SOM, and I began seriously considering a career in medicine,” said Roorbach.“I’m the son of two veterinarians, so I have always felt drawn to the sciences and appreciated their role as respected professionals in the community. “I was fortunate to find a wonderful mentor, Dr. Sophia Hussen, who took me on as a student researcher during my Discovery Phase,” said Alexis.

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