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equilibrium level of employment formula

Thus, in general, entrepreneurs keep a fair margin between two variables. Thus, the marginal efficiency of capital with a given rate of interest is the most significant factor determining the inducement to invest.

The aggregate demand schedule shows how much money the community is expected to spend on the products resulting at various levels of employment. The aggregate effect is very positive for the economy.In the inverse situation, when aggregate demand falls short of aggregate supply, the manufacturing company builds too much product and can't sell it all. In fact, as Keynes believed, fluctuations in the marginal efficiency of capital are the fundamental cause of the trade cycles and income fluctuations in a capitalist economy.
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Why? In short, Keynes’ theory stated that in the short run, the equilibrium level of employment is determined by the actual level of aggregate demand with a given aggregate supply function. The estimates or the expectations of profitability of new investments by the entrepreneurs are technically termed as the Marginal Efficiency of Capital. The first factor pertains to the demand aspect, and the second, to the supply aspect, of the price of borrowing money, i.e., the rate of interest. The company's output -- its production -- is equal to the consumer demand to buy the product.That micro example is pretty easy to understand, and we can use that simplicity to expand our understanding to the macroeconomic level. See you at the top! How to calculate the equilibrium level of income To calculate the equilibrium level of income, you'll need a few economic figures to plug into a formula.

Hence, the higher the liquidity preference, higher will be the rate of interest and the lower the liquidity preference lowers will be the rate of interest. To him, the other factor, namely, the money supply, is not very significant in the short-run, because it does not change all of a sudden and it is relatively a stable phenomenon.

This is short-term unemployment that occurs when people are in between jobs, or they have left education and are waiting to take up their first job. Increase or decrease in both consumption and investment will cause increase or decrease in the levels of employment respectively.
According to Keynes, the aggregate demand function — the “effective” element of effective demand — depends on two factors: (i) the consumption function (or, the propensity to consume), and (ii) the investment function (or, the inducement to invest). It goes without saying that so long as the aggregate demand function lies above the aggregate supply function, i. e., ADF > ASF, indicating that costs remain less than the revenue, the entrepreneurs would be induced to provide increasing employment till both of them are equalised.

Of these two determinants of the level of effective demand, Keynes’ demand, however, assumes the aggregated supply function as given in the short-run. Modern government expenditure is day-by-day increasing, and it cannot be ignored in estimating the effective demand in a community. 400 crores which is the entrepreneurs’ expected minimum as well as maximum sales proceeds, so that 4 lakh workers’ employment is the equilibrium amount. An economy will be in equilibrium, that is it will be in a stable state, when planned withdrawals equal planned injections; hence savings,taxation andimport spending (S + T + M) will equal investment,government spending andexport revenue (I + G + X).

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