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ESA Academy is ESA's overarching educational programme for university students from ESA Member States, Canada and Slovenia.Through a tailored transfer of space know-how and interaction with space professionals, ESA Academy takes students through a learning path that enriches their academic education. Due to the evolution of the corona virus situation in Europe, and in line with governmental instructions across Europe and with the recommendations of ESA's Director General on travel restrictions for health and safety reasons, the ESA Education Office has decided to cancel some of the ESA Academy’s Training Sessions and deliver others online (see table … Technical areas include control centres, technical equipment rooms and antenna bunkers.ESEC provides S-band links for ESA’s network of ground stations, as well as in-orbit testing (IOT) for telecommunication and navigation satellites for which hosts all the facilities used to test the Galileo signal.The site hosts 43 steerable antennas operating in a variety of frequency bands (S, Ku, Ka, L, C bands). Students in the ESA Academy Training & Learning Centre. In particular, they will be available to the student teams participating in the ESA Academy’s Hands-on Space Projects, to complement their learning experience and to support them in the different phases of their projects.The Training and Learning Programme is coordinated by the ESA Education Office from ESA’s Redu Centre in Belgium. Human Edition In addition to providing access to existing ESA establishments and partners’ infrastructures, the ESA Academy will make use of new dedicated facilities located at ESA’s Redu Centre in Belgium. Starting in March 2016, European university students will be able to access a unique set of opportunities to enrich their space science and engineering education: the ESA Academy. It will now group these under two interconnected pillars of activity: In addition to providing access to existing ESA establishments and partners’ infrastructures, the ESA Academy will make use of new dedicated facilities located at ESA’s Redu Centre in Belgium. The Training and Learning Centre , will start courses in March this year, and the CubeSat Education Centre will become operational in 2017. The ESA Academy brings together existing and new elements of the ESA Education Programme for universities.

The next Cyber-Range training will take place on April 26-28 at ESA Redu Centre. Netherlands, and partially at the ESA Redu Centre in Belgium.

The training sessions, in different fields of expertise, are delivered by ESA and external experts. Moreover, ESA has also accepted the offer from IDELUX, a public company dedicated to developing the Belgian Luxembourg Province, to host the ESA Education activites in its Galaxia centre where the ESA BIC Wallonie Redu (opened in 2012) and the Galileo Logistic Centre are already based. University students are introduced to the nature of space debris and its causes, as well as mitigation policies ESA has in place and those planned for the future. This will range from space sciences to engineering, spacecraft operations, product and quality assurance, project management and much more.It will help university students become acquainted with the standard professional practices applied nowadays across the whole space sector, and better prepare them for the labour market.

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