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fault and fracture difference

“Fault” may also refer to a physical or intellectual imperfection, impairment, or defect. Still it is better than to have never tried at all.Bad failures are the results of making bad decisions or not making any decisions at all. I think you right about failure and fracture, but i don't know about difference of damage and failure, too. It is considered a character weakness, a shortcoming, a frailty, or an inadvertent mistake. As nouns the difference between fracture and fault is that fracture is the act of breaking, or something that has broken, especially that in bone or cartilage while fault is a defect; something that detracts from perfection.

If tension builds up along a fault and then is suddenly released, the result is an earthquake.

is that fault is (computing) to undergo a page fault while default is (computing) to assume a value when none was given; to presume a tentative value or standard. At one point in every man’s life, one encounters a failure or, in most cases, several failures. This movement may occur rapidly, in the form of an earthquake - or may occur slowly, in the form of creep. and updated on April 5, 2011 Failure inspires creativity. Scientists, engineers, programmers, and many other people achieve success through learning from their faults and failures. Faults may range in length from a few millimeters to thousands of kilometers. Fractures are commonly caused by stress exceeding the rock strength, causing the rock to lose cohesion along its weakest plane.

another difference is a fracture is usually confined to a single rock formation unit.

When one is at fault, it may be because he is ignorant, not paying attention, or is judging things badly. Most faults produce repeated displacements over geologic The terms  occurs when two plates move away from each other, causing one to slide down relative to the other.When the plates are compressed, or pushed together, occurs. Label the hanging wall block and the footwall block.
“Failure,” on the other hand, is the condition or state of not being able to meet an intended objective. Cite.

Determining one’s success or failure depends upon how the individual or society as a whole views an action or objective.This is because man’s behavior is sometimes based on the norms or expectations of society, and any departure from these norms can be labeled as mistakes, errors, or faults which may lead to failure.“Fault” is synonymous to mistake and error although these words differ in context depending on how they are being applied. This may be caused by taking in more work than you can handle or of things and situations that you have no control over. There is no need to resubmit your comment. (2 points) 7.

Oftentimes it denotes a person’s responsibility for a bad situation or event, a wrongdoing, or failure. A fault may be caused by misjudgment, carelessness, and forgetfulness. 18th Feb, 2014. Fractures can provide permeability for fluid movement, such as water or hydrocarbons. A situation may be deemed a failure by a person while it may be viewed a success by another. A fracture will sometimes form a deep fissure or crevice in the rock. This means that one plate was pushed up onto another plate., the two plates are moving horizontally past one another like cars going in opposite directions on highway. Fractures are simply cracks in the crust where there is no movement. What type of fault is shown in cross section (NOT a bird's eye view!)

Trista L. Thornberry-Ehrlich, Colorado State University.Trista L. Thornberry-Ehrlich, Colorado State University.Trista L. Thornberry-Ehrlich, Colorado State University.Faults are classified according to the direction of relative movement along the fault.

below? Written by : Emelda M. A fault is a fracture or zone of fractures between two blocks of rock.
Highly fractured rocks can make good aquifers or hydrocarbon reservoirs, since they may

It is the opposite of success and is dependent on how it is used.

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