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[Imitative of meaningless talk.] Such so-so outlooks are quickly becoming accepted among young women, says Leslie Beth Wish, Ed.D., a psychologist and licensed clinical social worker in Sarasota, Florida.

(Some researchers suggest that the way in personal devices and social media are constantly available to distract our attention actually sets us up for boredom – but that’s a topic for another blog post…Most of us know by now that stress or overstimulation can have a negative affect on our brains. Compounding the problem, majorly apathetic women often end up deprived of good nutrition and exercise, since they don't always put the time into taking care of themselves, says Moffit.

Here, how to spot the signs so you can unmute your enthusiasm When we’re not interested in a topic, for instance, we will find it boring. What is this undefined feeling of “blah”? Synonyms for blah at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. To break the blah/hermit cycle, I bust out the calendar and make some plans. But it is also an area of the brain that is very sensitive to chemicals.Arnsten’s research found that the chemicals or neurotransmitters noradrenaline (also, norepinephrine) and dopamine each influence the brain such that This neuroscience research confirms what the famous psychiatrist, Holocaust survivor, and founder of logotherapy Victor Frankl described back in 1959 in his book What man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the Frankl spoke of the problem of having “existential vacuum,” essentially having no purpose or meaning for which to live and strive. Synonyms for blah at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. It just might. Krissy is a regular contributor to Prevention, and she also writes for Cosmopolitan, Weight Watchers, Women's Health, FitnessMagazine.com, Self.com, and Shape.com. Find another word for blah. In the concentration camps, this hastened the death of many prisoners. 'I'm rarely going to the gym, so of course I'm gaining weight. ... Low in spirit or health; down: sat around all day feeling blah.

That's bad news for those in need of, say, a career reboot or an exit from a toxic relationship.Even if you're not feeling as "meh" as Katie once did, you can fend off the blahs by working these apathy-blasting practices into your life.Chances are, someone in your circle could use some anti-apathy help.

blah … Here, how to spot the signs so you can unmute your enthusiasmKatie*, 31, had a cool career and a live-in boyfriend. She wasn't depressed, but she wasn't really happy, either.Sound familiar? In a 2012 survey of more than 900 women, Wish found that one in four felt indifferent about love, work, and life in general.

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