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fenwick fenglass vs echo glass

I love my butterstick for small stream and small soft hackle/dry flies with floating line, but the BAG has backbone in the Quickshot version that other glass rods don’t come close to comparing with.I haven’t used the River Glass, but the BAG is simply amazing in the 6wt version.

With the overwhelming popularity of graphite rods in the late 70's, Fenwick was definitely swimming against the tide. I would echo what others have said about cosmetics: handsome blank and wraps, mediocre cork with a comfortable grip; and I don’t care for the blue accents, but the latter is a minor issue to me. The Fenwick Fenglass is not the latest rod that has grabbed everyone’s attention and is the center of big marketing campaigns. What line do you pair with it? If you know of additional models, please contact the Wiki editors. I've used my BAG 8 on fresh and salt. Landed a 20" cat, a couple of large bass, several redfish, and a giant goo.The BAG lives up to its name.

Quillback: Post subject: Re: Fenwick Fenglass 7ft9in 6wt ????? These blanks were made from E-glass.

Seems counterintuitive or maybe I’d go with lighter weight carbon if I want fast and stiff. Quickshot is by far my favorite rod. When I first started fly fishing, I used old Fenwick Fiberglass fly rods that I inherited from my grandfather. ), Fenwick (now owned by Pure Fishing, Inc.) revived the fiberglass fly rod with their Fenglass line. But, seeing as you want an opinion: of the dozen and more 7 weight rods I own, the Fenwick Fenglass is my favorite and is my go to rod for streamer fishing.

Although I have 2 echo switch rods that are very well balanced, I use the 3wt single handed quite a bit, the 6 wt though is a two hander,don't know how he manages that.Sagebrush...agreed, Tim is a great caster and knows what he's doing, both as a caster and in rod design. Would love any input or other rods to consider under $300. I’ve never been picky about my lines and I probably should be.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castAll things fiberglass fly rods. Facebook; Twitter; Google+; Pinterest; Send to a Friend Also Consider. That’s really good to know, I’ve heard tons of great things about the BAG rods. Some version of S glass was used in the Fenglass rods instead of the E glass used in all other Fenwick glass rods. Yes it is heavy, but I'm usually stalking with it and don't blind cast a whole lot.

I rank it ahead of my 8wt Sage Salt HD, 8wt TFO BVK, And 4wt Redington Butterstick. Love the 7-9 length for a 6wt . The rod will cast a country mile and is a joy playing fish. If I ever want to add another 7 or 8 weight glass rod I might have to look elsewhere or go aftermarket (not a huge aftermarket fan). The rod will cast a country mile and is a joy playing fish.

Fenwick list it as having a medium action, which sounds good and maybe better than Echo’s listing the B.A.G.

They were not very popular and didn't last very long. Top . I’m not sure I’d like a fast glass rod. At 8'3", it is the optimal length for the fishing I do; and at 3.7 ounces, I can fish all day without any problems. Quickshot as fast and as fast as many of their carbon offerings.

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