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Jan 2, 2017 - Clipper barque "Fiery Cross". Edgar Wakeman, one of the pioneer shipmasters, whose connection with California dates back to 1850.

Her passage took 77 days, the fastest clipper too 99 days. In the year 1865 the Fiery Cross and Serica sailed from Foo-chow side by side, on May 28th, both bound for London. Fiery Cross was a famous British Tea Clipper which sailed in the Great Tea Race of 1866 She was the first ship home in the tea seasons of 1861, 1862, 1863 and 1865. Framed in ebonised wood with rope-twist gilt slip.TAEPING, 767 tons was built in 1863 by Robert Steele at Greenock for Rodger & Co.  She was designed to  be faster than FIERY CROSS which had been the lead clipper with the new season tea from China in 1861 and 1862.

(Source: © Warwick Leadlay Gallery | 1-2 Nelson Arcade, Greenwich, London SE10 9JB | t: 020 8858 0317 e: This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Steamers took over the tea trade in 1875. She was the second tea clipper of this name; the first From 1860 to 1875, the ship sailed in the tea trade between Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea!I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. Fiery Cross. Then, they set sail from China and made it to the sea by 30However, the surprises didn’t end there. The competing steam auxiliary vessel Erl King was still loading a million pounds of tea and left on the fifth of June.

She was the second tea clipper of this name; the first Fiery Cross, built in 1855, had the same owner and designer and was also built in Liverpool. The Clipper Ship Adelaide. Five ships having a full cargo of tea participated in this race: Ariel, Taeping, Fiery Cross, Taitsing and Serica. The tea clippers soon started racing each other during the journey from China to UK.

The Fiery Cross (2001) A Breath Of Snow And Ashes (2004) An Echo In The Bone (2009) Written In My Own Heart’s Blood (2014) Book 9 (201-?) The Fiery Cross rounded the Cape of Good Hope on July 14th, 46 days from Foo-chow, followed by the Ariel also 46 days; Taeping, 47 days; Serica, 50 days, and Taitsing, 54 days. Fiery Cross was a famous British tea clipper which sailed in the Great Tea Race of 1866.She was the first ship home in the tea seasons of 1861, 1862, 1863, and 1865. The famous British Clipper Fiery Cross built by Chaloner of Liverpool in 1860, was the Winner of the Premium for the 1st Ship home on no less than 4 occasions.- note the double spars.

In 1860 the Fiery Cross, designed by renowned naval architect William Rennie, had been built by Chaloner of Liverpool and was fast and successful. These fast sailing ships were called Later on, English ship builders also started making clippers and they slowly became popular all over the world.

The reward for winning this race was that the captain of the winning ship would get £100 and the crew would get a a month’s wages.The ships loaded more than 5 million pounds of tea among them. 6 likes. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? In our late sketch of clipper ships in the port of San Francisco, want of space obliged us to omit the Adelaide, Capt. What we do. All rights reserved. In 1967, TAEPING was home a week before any other tea clipper after a passage of 103 days. The Fiery Cross was on the equator, August 3d, 20 days from the Cape of Good Hope, with the Ariel still only one day astern, while the Taeping and Taitsing had each gained 1 and the Serica 2 days on this stretch. The new ship was already being built and so took on the name of her predecessor.

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In the 1840s, American ship builders created a new type of merchant navy ship.

In 1868, TAEPING, AREEL and SIR LANCELOT left the Pagoda anchorage close together, and was beaten in a close finish by SPINDRIFT, ARIEL and SIR LANCELOT. Clipper ships were highly instrumental in revolutionizing water transport due to their ability to swiftly carry cargo across the oceanic waters, says Clipper ships were heavily used to transport cargo across the globe through various routes during the period between 1843 and 1869.

The Ariel, Fiery Cross, Serica and others left Foochow at the end of May 1866. The Great Race of 1866 was a highly reported clipper race. Despite stops for coal, she was in London 15 days before the first clipper. As for the remaining two ships, Fiery Cross arrived 28 hours after Serica and Taitsing docked in the next day. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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