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finding flow: the psychology of engagement with everyday life summary

What an elitist to boot!Csikszentmihalyi and his books on Flow (1990) have been on my to-read list for decades. 'Flow' as M.C. The book answers the questions: “what is a good life”, “how anyone can create an excellent life” and “how to transform every day activities into an opportunity for engagement, enjoyment and growth.” In this summary, we’ll give a synopsis of the book, explain why happiness alone isn’t enough, and how to find “flow” to create true excellence and quality of life.To improve our quality of life, we need to first understand how we experience life.Our quality of life is essentially the accumulation of experiences (what we do, feel, think) over time. It had the inspiring psychological phenomenon, the self-help practicality, and a sturdy foundation of scientific research. A lot of text is spent stating the obvious; humans enjoy participating in activity with visible results. Live. I'd suggest starting with a quick pre-reading of a short introduction on the subject - The Handbook of Competence Motivation, Chapter 32 (11 pages). Some of the greatest meaning one will find in life is from experiences where they are passionately engaged in doing something they care about. But somewhere in the mix, Finding Flow falls short in my book.

Now at Claremont Graduate University, he is the former head of the department of psychology at the University of Chicago and of the department of sociology and anthropology at Lake Forest College.A Hungarian psychology professor, who emigrated to the United States at the age of 22. I'm just sayin.A quick, yet informative read on the psychology behind "Flow," or being in a focused state where one is immersed in a rewarding pursuit, which is a more quantifiable and desirable state than the generic and often fleeting state we call "happiness. But somewhere in the mix, Finding Flow falls short in my book.

When a person’s entire being is stretched in the full functioning of body and mind, whatever one does becomes worth doing for its own sake…In the harmonious focusing of physical and psychic energy, life finally comes into its own.”In the book, Csikzentmihalyi breaks down how to find flow in different aspects our daily life. How we choose to allocate or invest time will determine what we experience, which add up to determine our quality of life.“Flow experiences” occur when the act of focusing and immersing in our experiences seem effortless.“A person in flow is completed focused. (a book within a book; literary infinity shot anyone?)

Finding Flow by chick-SENT-me-high sustained my inspired, reeling, newly-introspective self with a cushion of clear and elaborate explanations as to why the themes I had found (about living independently and with a focus on valuable work) resonated so much with me. Some may prefer this form of writing when discussing something “scientific,“ but it makes for a stale read.

Motivational and health gurus contribute another formula. Many of the things we find interesting are not so by nature, but because we took the trouble of paying attention to them.”“If one has failed to develop curiosity and interest in the early years, it is a good idea to acquire them now, before it is too late to improve the quality of life.

by Basic Books the phenomenon of work is significant, not only because it commands at least 40% of our time, but because, even though 77% of individuals queried said they would continue to work even if they did not have the financial need, most of the lack of flow occurs while at work (using the ESM - experience sampling method - the majority of people indicated that they would rather be doing something else when asked to rate their level of flow while working).The idea of being in "flow" (which is like an athlete being in the "zone") in your everyday life is a good one. Those who find fulfillment in everyday life have learned how to achieve Flow independent of the task performed.What do you choose to invest your physic energy in? The idea of engaging in activities which require brain-power and discipline and concentration (like learning to play instrument) is a good one.

The idea of engaging in activities which require brain-power and discipline and concentration (like learning to play instrument) is a good one. ), and that flow gives greater meaning and satisfaction than the pursuit of happiness.Aside from a total dismissal of religion (Currently reading "Toward a true kinship of faiths : how the world's religions can come together" / His Holiness the Dalai Lama, which should probably be inserted into that chapter), Czikszentmihalyi gives a nice overview of what flow is, that a balance of reaching just higher than current skill keeps us alert and engaged, that ego is lost in flow (farewell foul friend!

Five hours may zip by and you hardly even notice. Along similar lines of the books Stumbling on Happiness and The Happiness Hypothesis, Finding Flow describes tools that contribute to a paradigm shift that help improve quality of life.

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