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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. After all, she was the captain of a team that brought a Scudetto, two Coppe Italia, and a Supercoppa to Firenze. And though the Liga Iberdrola is more advanced than Serie A Femminile is, the players in Spain are fighting their own battles too.The only mistake that Orlandi made in her defense of Guagni is saying that the players in Spain are professionals. She was a daughter of Florence and a Florentine herself. A lot of the blame falls on the FIGC.

Alia, along with the rest of the Azzurre, brought pride and honor back to Italy on the world’s biggest stage. She is irreplaceable.Losing Alia is like losing Batistuta or Antognoni during the prime of their careers. This choice was not due to moments or things that went wrong. Hell, there are very few players in the world who can do what she does. However, for everyone else, it meant not being able to see her.Visibility for the league is limited due to the way that it is structured. — ACF Fiorentina Femminile (@ACF_Womens) July 6, 2020 The cynic would say that those are crocodile tears and that she’s actually not sad to go. Rather, it’s more about her leaving to get all of the basic benefits that she can’t get in Italy.“There are journeys that must be taken.

Guagni will not, however, receive the deification that most transcendent signifiers receive. Barcelona Femení, for example, have some of the One example of this is the fact that the Liga Iberdrola has a minimum salary of €16,000. In Spain, the players have Serie A Femminile contracts are more like ‘economic agreements’, and they are only binding in Italy. ACF Fiorentina S.p.A. Viale M. Fanti 4, 50137 Firenze - Italia; Capitale Sociale € 7.350.000,00 i.v. It is hard for players to flourish under these circumstances, so one shouldn’t be surprised if they leave. Most of the teams can’t afford other expenses for their players, such as paying them pensions. In order to watch the league, you have to have several subscriptions and go sleuthing through social media for links doesn’t help either. Take, for example, waterbirds. The reason why they are seen as indicators is that they exhibit conspicuous and meaningful responses to the changes around them. By far the greatest team the world … )And who could forget her fantastic performances during the Women’s World Cup? Firenze. If Alia wanted to experience professionalism, the only way to do so was to leave. Florence lost a player who was more than that, as she was a symbol of the city. 2,373 talking about this. It also downright destroys them too.If you delve into environmentalism, then you know that there are several healthy indicators of an ecosystem. It’s more like she’s leaving so she can actually get paid.Since Serie A Femminile is an amateur league, the players are not allowed to make more than €30,000 a year.Unfortunately, only a chosen few get to make an annual wage of €30,000. While Guagni herself might not have had to worry about things like filing for unemployment, the detrimental aspects of this system will affect her in other ways.Being a big fish in the pond of Serie A Femminile meant that Guagni could only be seen by those who had access to that pond. In an effort to change this, the players have launched a campaign called the And just like she has done in Italy, Guagni can help the women in Spain in their fight to become professionals as well.It’s hard to quantify just how much losing Alia will hurt Fiorentina. (The Then, there is also the issue of infrastructure.

She has been training with her team-mates in recent weeks. Women’s footballers get paid far less than their male counterparts do. She will not do so because that sort of adoration is usually reserved for the men. Herons are seen as barometers of an ecosystem and if the water of the said environment becomes polluted, then they leave.In this case, Guagni is the bird that has flown the coop.Italian football is infamous for the rotten aspects that permeate the game, and some of the pollution has, unfortunately, seeped over into the women’s game.

No more was that evident than with the way she defended it on the pitch by playing with bravery, determination, and heart.She is a signifier of all things Florentine, and one that is almost transcendent in terms of symbolism. Between July 1 and 22, 2020, the number of Instagram followers of the Serie A women's soccer club ACF Fiorentina Femminile increased steadily.

The women’s players who play for clubs affiliated with men’s teams will also be seen when the men’s social media accounts make posts about their women’s teams.They also command the eyes of the audiences affiliated with those teams.

Either way, the Viola can take comfort in knowing that she will come back to them someday.For now, however, they will have to get used to the fact that she’s gone.Whenever a player who has been an integral part of your club leaves, people immediately start speculating as to why.

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