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fleas in house no pets

and the repeating life-cycle begins.There are ways to stop this process entirely if you act early, but more on that later.If you have pets that come in and out of the house though, and you find fleas, it’s a safe bet they are responsible for bringing them in.Believe it or not, even if you’ve treated your pets for fleas with skin gels or collars, fleas can still hitch a ride right through the door.If the type you have in your area “like” human blood, then it’s just a matter of time before you notice a bite (especially when your pet is unappetizing because you treated them).Fleas can also survive for weeks and months without a meal, so it’s not uncommon for them to find soft, dark places in your home to live and reproduce while they wait for a viable meal host to come along.Contrary to what you’ll hear at pet stores or even from some exterminators, While they can’t live on a human for what they truly need a host for (food and a protected place to lay their eggs), this doesn’t mean they aren’t attracted to us.We’re warm and inviting, and fleas sense it.

Enter: Use a good shampoo like the one linked above in the table. When you wash, you’re not only helping to get rid of fleas you can’t see, but also their eggs, larvae, and pupa will be rinsed away too.You don’t want these guys biting any more, and you don’t want them laying any more eggs to keep future generations going strong.You can’t possibly wash every surface in your house. For cats, Bayer’s Advantage II has a very long history success. This shot essentially makes any flea that bites him sterile. It’s never just one, and only if you’re lucky does the problem go away on it’s own.It’s frustrating, but you have to understand a little bit about this pest and how to deal with it to successfully remove it from your home environment.House fleas are almost always associated with pets.

No issues once it’s done.Hands down, the most effective product we’ve used is called What’s great about this spray is it contains an effective This is crucial when you have a full on flea life-cycle existing in your home.The formula also contains the insecticide needed to kill the adult fleas, including the ones that keep laying eggs!In all the ingredients here will take care of the early life cycle forms of the house flea (egg, larvae, pupa) as well as the living ones you see crawling and hopping around.While it may seem expensive (it’s still well under $30), it only seems that way compared to other sprays that can cost much less.Unfortunately the other sprays, found at many stores only affect the adult fleas. Being proactive and preventing fleas is always the best plan!If you happen to still find evidence of fleas in your house, don’t hesitate to repeat step one above with the cleaning process while you wait for the treatments to do their thing.If it’s early in the year, usually the first pass of a bottle like Vet’s Best will take care of the problem if you don’t see too many fleas.But if you’ve quickly become taken over by huge colony of fleas it’s time to get serious:Clean your house as described, then treat the indoors, your pets and the yard with the products suggested.Then, get ahead of the fleas by treating around the exterior of your house, and of course your pets.Following this information is the home-run solution for how to get rid of fleas for good.I’ve tried natural remedies for fleas, and they didn’t work on ours. You can actually look and see if any fleas are caught in there before you finish and put away your vacuum to store it. Over the course of many months, the fleas die out simply because they can’t reproduce.99% of the time it isn’t. And what do you do if you don’t even have pets?Fortunately, there is a way to get some relief and win the battle against these pesky, skin irritating rascals.You just have to arm yourself with a little knowledge and the right products.Read on to learn what you need to consider with these insects and steps to take for First, we’ll learn a little about fleas so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.First, let’s make sure you know what you’re dealing with.They can range in colors from a semi-transparent auburn-brown to darker brown or almost black when fully developed.We know them mostly from their trademark jumping abilities; they leap so quickly and cover such long distances in one super-springy bound that they look like they’re disappearing when you try to grab one.If you’ve spotted fleas in your house such as on the furniture, your bed, carpeting or even in the bathroom, you could have anything from just a temporary annoyance to a major infestation.Unfortunately, it’s rare that you would only end up with one or two. You and/or pets are getting bitten every day, and you spot more than one flea in your house daily.You need what we call the strong stuff. This is helpful but I wouldn’t count on it to stop your flea infestation once and for all. It may take 2-3 passes on carpeting over a couple days, but take comfort in knowing your sucking up a big percentage of the fleas living in your home.Most of us have bagless vacuums, but just in case you do, be sure to dispose of the bag as soon as you’re done vacuuming. Long term, they just aren’t effective for bigger flea problems.The eggs they’ve left behind (that’s a guarantee) will hatch if they haven’t already, unaffected by the less effective sprays.Be sure to use the spray liberally, lifting up rugs and couch cushions and pillows.

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