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ALL SALES ARE FINAL, Color by LookLabs products cannot be returned for a refund after product download.In the unlikely event there is a technical issue with the performance of our SpeedLooks we will work to correct that promptly and get you grading as fast as possible. For Hitchcock and many ultra-formalist filmmakers all of the elements that they put on screen are technical elements, parts of a frame in which they actor may have a dominant position in a framing, but not because they are any more important than the other “architectural” elements of the composition. A style of filmmaking that emphasizes aesthetic elements with a REALISM------------------------------“CLASSICAL”--------------------------FORMALISM VERY FEW MOVIES SIT AT THE EXTREME ENDS, MOST TEND TOWARD COMBINING THE TWO MAJOR TENDENCIES!Shots tend to be objective; we view the mise en scéne without the camera manipulating our perception.Editing tends to be seamless with an emphasis on continuity.Composition feels random or natural, often with an open frame.Lighting appears to be natural, neither high contrast or washed out.Camera angles can move toward higher or lower angles.A moving camera can be used to emphasize subjective states or create energy and or mood.Lighting can move to more extreme use of color, light and shadow in the creation of subjective states and visual metaphors.Sets and backgrounds stand out or draw attention to themselves.Composition within the mise en scéne can more obviously draw on the elements of formality and organization.Scoring is more often used and is extra-diegetic, or combines the diegetic with it to create movement between subjective and objective states.Shots can tend to be subjective; This can include Point of View (POV) shots where the camera in a sense becomes the character and we see what the character sees, but more often are composed and designed in such a way that we gain access to the character’s subjective experience through theses means. Realism vs. Formalism. The 'classic' formalist film theorists: - Hugo Munsterberg - … VERY FEW MOVIES SIT AT THE EXTREME ENDS, MOST TEND TOWARD COMBINING THE TWO MAJOR TENDENCIES! These traditions are known as Realism, Formalism, and Classicism. Badlands Formalism Meets Realism in Haunting, Childlike Badlands Terrence Malick's 1973 film Badlands blends formalism and realism to produce a genre film (crime, American, gothic, romance) that is at once self-aware, genre-adherent, genre-breaking, realistic, cinematic, artful, and genuinely objective in its depiction of an a subjective childhood experience. We rarely notice the style in a realistic movie. Realism. However, when looking at film theories, we very often tend to compare formalism to realism.

See image above and below.When we speak of these two dominant characteristics it is important to remember the continuum between the two,Most of the discussion on formalism and realism tend toward camera movement, position, framing and lighting.

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