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french catholic school board ottawa school locator

Students will develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues and will begin to explore secondary and post-secondary pathways leading to careers in the field.This course enables students to further explore and develop technological knowledge and skills introduced in the elementary science and technology program. Students planning to enter university programs in business, the social sciences and the humanities will find this course of particular interest.This course enables students to extend their knowledge of functions. The course is intended to prepare students for the compulsory Grade 12 college preparation course.This course is designed to extend the range of oral communication, reading, writing and media literacy skills that students need for success in their secondary school academic programs and in their daily lives. Student teams will manage a large software development project, from planning through to project review. They will use a variety of hand and power tools and apply knowledge of imperial and metric systems of measurement, as appropriate. Students will begin to understand and speak French in guided and structured interactive settings, and will develop fundamental skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing through discussing issues and situations that are relevant to their daily lives. Students will extend their ability to apply the concepts of historical thinking and the historical inquiry process, including the interpretation and analysis of evidence, when investigating social, political, and economic structures and historical forces at work in various societies and in different historical eras.This course focuses on major developments in world history from 1900 to the present. Students will reason mathematically and communicate their thinking as they solve multi-step problems. Students will develop an awareness of environmental and societal issues related to manufacturing and will learn about secondary and post-secondary pathways leading to careers in the industry.This exploratory course introduces students to concepts and skills related to manufacturing technology, which encompasses technical drawing, properties and preparation of materials, manufacturing techniques and control systems.

Students will engage in marketing research, develop marketing strategies and produce a marketing plan for a product of their choice course.This course focuses on marketing activities in the retail and service sectors. During the process, students have many opportunities to develop and consolidate their knowledge and skills in different subject areas; they are motivated to solve problems, make decisions, create personal meaning and present findings beyond the scope of a single subject or discipline. This course explores the important role that sports and entertainment play in our modern economy. Students will investigate sources of information and compare differing perspectives on key issues, developing both a sense of news and news judgment. The School Locator tool is now up to date for the coming 2020-2021 school year. Students will explore these concepts with respect to motion; mechanical, electrical, electromagnetic, energy transformation, hydraulic and pneumatic systems; and the operation of commonly used tools and machines. Students will develop an awareness of health and safety issues, environmental and societal issues related to health care and career opportunities in the field.This course introduces students to personal health promotion, child and adolescent health concerns and a variety of medical services, treatments and technologies. Throughout the course students will be provided with the opportunity to develop the fitness and skills necessary to complete the Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (PREP). It focuses on quadratic, trigonometric and exponential functions and their use in modelling real-world situations. The skills developed in this course will prepare students for success in the workplace and/or post-secondary studies.This course emphasizes knowledge and skills related to the craft of writing. A key aspect of this program is the mentoring of students in Grade 7, 8 and 9 during which time the senior students apply the knowledge and skills that they have developed. Students will increase their knowledge of the French language through the study of French literature from around the world. The course will prepare students for university programs in physical education and health and kinesiology and for college and university programs in recreation and leisure management, fitness and health promotion, and fitness leadership. Students will use basic listening and speaking skills to communicate in English for everyday purposes; develop readiness skills for reading and writing; begin to read highly structured texts for everyday and school-related purposes; and use basic English language structures and sentence patterns in speaking and writing. Students will develop critical thinking and philosophical reasoning skills as they formulate and evaluate arguments related to a variety of philosophical questions and theories.

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