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french invasion of spain 1823

On August 31, in the only significant battle of the campaign, the French took the The expedition was considered a great triumph for the Restoration. He then asked whether, if France were compelled to engage in a defensive war with Spain, she could count on the support of her allies.

Such are the hopes and prayers of the liberals in all countries. 5 November - The "Hundred Thousand Sons of Saint Louis" begin their withdrawal from Spain, although a French army of occupation remains in the country until 1828. Battle of Trocadero, 1823 : From author Shannon Selin: The 100,000 sons of Saint Louis – otherwise known as the Army of the Pyrenees, mobilized for the invasion – actually numbered around 60,000.

Am 23. The left and centre were decimated, giving the ultra-royalists a clear majority.Your e-mail address will not be published.

Montmorency resigned. He ignored Villèle’s instructions to limit discussion of the Spanish question. His replacement, François-René de Chateaubriand, also favoured intervention, arguing that it would give France an opportunity to regain great power status.

(3)The French soon controlled Navarre, the Asturias and Galicia. Er änderte das Außenpolitisch hatte die Kampagne große Auswirkungen.

On January 28, 1823, Louis XVIII told the Chambers:I have done every thing to ensure the security of my subjects, and to preserve Spain from the extreme of misfortune.


Dort wurde Ferdinand VII.

Join Free. Since it was established, they had known no peace, and they liked the French, because they paid them well for every thing they consumed. For information about how to add references, see

Ultra-royalist pressure forced Villèle and the king to give in.

Die französische Armee zog weiter nach Süden, um die revolutionären Milizen unter Oberst Riego in Cádiz zu belagern. After the downfall of Napoleon Bonaparte, King Ferdinand VII of Spain refused to adopt the liberal The French forces were welcomed by the Basques and in Catalonia.

Shannon Selin writes historical fiction and blogs about Napoleonic and 19th century history. April 1823 überquerten französische Kräfte unter dem Befehl von Der Herzog teilte seine Kräfte und ließ die Stadt San Sebastian belagern, während er seinen Angriff auf Madrid begann, das von revolutionären Kräften besetzt wurde. On 17 April 1823, French forces led by Louis-Antoine, Duke of Angoulême, son of the future Charles X, crossed the Pyrenees into Spain.. Aug 06, 2009.

As Ferdinand VII was a member of the France’s representative at the Congress of Verona, Foreign Minister Mathieu de Montmorency, was on the side of the ultra-royalists. The French Invasion of Spain, 1823. Die Französische Invasion in Spanien bezeichnet eine französische militärische Intervention in Spanien im Jahr 1823 zur Niederschlagung der Spanischen Revolution mit dem Ziel, König Ferdinand VII. Britain would not provide support. Arts and literature. Spain was officially allied with France at the time of the French invasion, but for some time Napoleon had been dissatisfied with the performance of his ally, especially after the Spanish fleet was destroyed at Trafalgar, and was known to have said that a Bourbon Spain was too week as an ally but potentially a dangerous enemy. Just as happens in The French siege in the Battle of Trocadero, August 31, 1823The next day, the French army entered Spain. Im Januar 1820 entwickelte sich in Spanien aus einer Am 7.

… [A]pathy, to use the mildest expression, prevailed in all the towns through which we passed after leaving Madrid. Die Stadt wurde eingenommen, und ein konservativer Royalist wurde bis zur Rückkehr Ferdinands VII. Language ; Watch; Edit; Events from ... Cádiz surrenders to the French and Ferdinand VII of Spain is restored to his throne as absolute monarch. Moderator is VIP+ Member. They met little resistance.
The French forces were welcomed by the Basques and in Catalonia. Last active. A joint intervention in Spain, after the liberal revolt led by General Rafael del Riego, was initially proposed by Tsar Alexander I of Russia in 1820 but the suggestion was strenuously opposed by the Austrians and British. Major General .

1,656. Der militärische Befehlshaber von Madrid kapitulierte im Geheimen und floh nach Frankreich. Instead, she offered to mediate between France and Spain.

Moderator. The French invasion had the active support of some Spaniards and the tacit cooperation of the majority. Großbritannien, das sich schon während des Veroneser Kongresses seiner Stimme enthielt, nahm diese Entwicklungen zum Anlass, sich von der Heiligen Allianz loszusagen und die von Spanien abgefallenen südamerikanischen Staaten anzuerkennen. From my own observations, and those of others, I can safely state that the great majority of the people on the line of that route desired nothing so much as peace.

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