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frisco italian restaurants

The food was subpar. I'm so hungry i want my pizzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. In the last five be months this restaurant has gone from one star to five stars. However, as authentic “ to go double check." Had a horrible experience and hubby said we would not return.

Very expensive for imitation fine “Haven't been here in about 10 years and it hasn't changed at all. The kids picked it up and set up lunch in my honor: “I've been here an hour can I have my food now? She takes the rest of our orders and takes maybe 20-25 minutes to get the food. Hopefully they will be able to open at 50% capacity Monday so many others can have a quality “There is no doubt that the quality and the atmosphere at this place is very high. Authentic “Didn't know what to expect here as it's sort of a strange environment for “ through during lunchtime continuing education meetings. I've had just about everything on the menu. The food and service is always good. Since then, we tried so many “ is excellent. Olive Garden is low key more “We moved here from NYC almost 3 1/2 years ago, and did a take out from Roma's the 2nd night. Service is also very good. I forgot to look. Delivery & Pickup Options - 72 reviews of Gallo Nero Italian Bistro "Great experience at this s… The food is absolutely to die for and the server Travis is wonderful. But the food was awful. I know, my review is a little outdated.

We have had every server…”If the business you're looking for isn't here, add it! There was really only one bartender working, so it took a little longer to actually put in my drink order, but the…”“We continue to support Bella and its staff. The line was extremely long since this place was new, but in the long run,…”“I stopped here on a whim while waiting on a friend for dinner. The owner is also generous in expressing his gratitude for all his patrons. Excellent local spot for delicious “This place opened 3 weeks ago and I have been there twice. Not you're normal strip mall “ dining experience. If you're looking for true New York “, tonight, for example, and they were not added. Pick your favorite “ as well as stopping by for pasta. FOOD: I have been to a lot of “This place is just amazing. This time, I requested the Family Meal as my Mother's Day lunch. I've been here several times and the food is always good. The bruscetta, which is usually very good from the other Cane, was soggy and cold. The calamari appetizer was a very small serving of mostly breading. Family run. You can't go wrong with classics, Chicken Parmesan, Lasagna, Chicken Carbonara, Friutti de Mare, Chicken Limone, Scallopini, and the delicious bread knots. I am very picky about my “I did not actually eat here, however, while waiting for food next to The “What can I say about this spot that hasn't been said already? Still the same, safe, basic version of all the other great choices of “. Leo has a lot of pride in the restaurant and I hope others who may have not had the best experience previously give it another shot.

If you like some good “I had the lasagna and a cannoli and it was great!

“So I first came here with a few friends a few months ago. I would recommend coal vine's for an “Wow!!! It was better than Olive Garden but not as good as a couple of other “My wife an I love this place.

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