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Having the same number of jobless people as vacancies won’t be helpful if all those workers have the wrong skills. A correction has been made to the average number of hours worked in Table 1: Labour Force Survey sampling variability and in Table 7 of the PDF of this bulletin. We apologise for any inconvenience.The effect of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on our capacity means we have reviewed the existing labour market releases and suspended some publications.This will protect the delivery and quality of our remaining labour market outputs as well as ensuring we can respond to new demands as a direct result of the coronavirus. People do not necessarily need to be paid during their absence, as long as they retain enough personal job attachment to consider the absence to be temporary.Experimental LFS estimates, based on returns for individual weeks, suggest that during May, around 450,000 to 500,000 employees, who identified themselves as being temporarily away from their jobs specifically for coronavirus (COVID-19)-related reasons, were receiving no pay. The estimates are correct in the bulletin and associated dataset. Further details of the experimental weekly figures can be found in the Imputation used for the Labour Force Survey was not designed to deal with the changes experienced in the labour market in recent months. The UK ranks 11None of these measures are perfect. Before the world became industrialised, nearly everyone outside the … Recent increases have largely been driven by increases in the employment rate for women (Figure 1). This absence would have an impact on the total hours worked. Further information can be found in the section on Measuring the data.A full assessment of labour market flows is due to be released next month as part of the August Employment in the UK release, however, it is possible to gain some understanding of the flows that have contributed to the estimates from information currently available. The UK isn’t there yet: there were about twice as many unemployed people as vacancies advertised at the beginning of 2017. While these people would still be considered employed under ILO definition, it is likely that they would not be reported in RTI data, which are based on payroll information. William Beveridge, the man who inspired Britain's post-war welfare state, said full employment meant a figure of under 3%. These may have increased the number of people in work eligible for UC through their earnings falling below income thresholds.Such claims will generally fall within the work search conditionality within UC.Consequently, while some of any movement in the Claimant Count would be because of changes in the number of people who are out of work, a certain amount of the movement will be because of changes in the number of people in work who are eligible for UC as part of the government response. Over recent years, the economic inactivity rate for men has been relatively flat.For people aged between 16 and 64 years, for March to May 2020:the estimated economic inactivity rate for all people was 20.4%; this is down by 0.4 percentage points on the year but up by 0.2 percentage points on the quarterthe estimated economic inactivity rate for men was 16.5%; this is up by 0.1 percentage points on the year and up by a joint record 0.5 percentage points on the quarterthe estimated economic inactivity rate for women was 24.3%; this is down by 0.9 percentage points on the year and down by 0.1 percentage points on the quarterExperimental estimates based on returns for individual weeks suggest that the economic inactivity rate remained steady through May.

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