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glasshouse interloper lyrics

The main guitar motif was written while travelling on a houseboat, inspired by the surroundings and the music that was being played along the riverbanks and by the villages we passed. Interloper Lyrics: When last did you go to Bacchanalia? We really wanted to find a way to collaborate and include our friends on the record, so invited them in to sing Holly’s lyrics together as a choir in the later stage of the recording process.”The lyrics seem loosely founded around the proverb “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”. This usually means one should not criticize others because everybody has faults of one kind or another.This song is about a liberation or freedom, from those who do throw criticism towards others. Interloper Lyrics: Fuck you! One cracked window in a greenhouse lets it’s hot air/life escape.Composition by Neil Cowley, Maribou State, Holly Walker, Liam Ivory, Chris Davids All alone in the glass house Lay awake 'til the sun's out Thank the sky when you come down Empty in the driveway Caffeine for the heartache Never wanna have it my way [Machine Gun Kelly:] Yeah, I fuck up and lose control Burnt so many bridges, got nowhere to go Bitches got these motives like Anna Nicole I'm smoking cigarettes alone until it burn a hole

Glass House Lyrics: All alone in a glass house / Lie awake 'til the sun's out / Pink sky when you come down / M3 in the driveway / Caffeine for the heartache / Never wanna have it my way / Yeah, I

/ He seems to have seen you there / You know the one who puts me in hysteria / And makes me behave like a cur / …

Her friends are inside with her, and all criticism or lies are left on the window panes.A glass house can also be used as a greenhouse, which is a fountain of growth and life. Glasshouses Lyrics: Over in our glasshouses / Making hot air rise / For all this time / Now it rains inside / All the unheard voices / Quietly taking aim / Write their lives / On the windowpanes

“The idea for Glasshouses started whilst travelling in Kerala, India. The riff was then fleshed out once we returned to the UK, with Holly Walker writing lyrics.

/ Many have come and gone / Still left out of the guttural swansong / Takin' nothin' but the best in the area / Get me grief, but fucker I'll stare you down / Two, three It’s also about finding a comfort in the Glass House that Holly lives in.

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