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There are many challenges to issuing weather forecasts in southeast Alaska, including sparse surface observations, large forecast area, poor/no radar coverage, complex terrain, and until GOES-17 arrived, poor geostationary satellite imagery. GOES-17 captured the strong winter storm that battered southeast Alaska with a combination of gusty winds, rain and snow on December 19, 2018. This is a True Color Visible Band Satellite Covering all of the Pacific Ocean and Western United States and Canada. About GeoColor. Can you see this animation in 3D? NOAA GOES-17 Shares First ABI Full Disk Imagery GOES-17 captured sunset over Earth’s Western Hemisphere on May 20, 2018, using the Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) instrument. This full-disk geocolor image from GOES-16 shows the shadow of the move covering a large portion of the northwestern U.S. earlier today, August 21, 2017. This loop shows one-minute natural color day land cloud RGB (red-green-blue) imagery. The GOES-16 data posted on this page are preliminary, non-operational data and are undergoing on-orbit testing. This type of imagery combines data from water vapor and infrared bands on the satellite’s Advanced Baseline Imager and is used to monitor the evolution of cyclones and jet streaks and provides information on the middle and upper levels of the troposphere.GOES-17 (GOES West) captured rare thunderstorms on the very arid, leeward side of Hawaii’s “Big Island” on August 7, 2019. SO2 is a noxious gas often released by volcanic eruptions and is toxic in high concentrations. Vegetation appears green while soil and rock appear brown to dark gray.

In this type of imagery, hot spots (active wildfire) appears as red, the smoke plume as faded blue or cyan, clouds a bright cyan, and burned area as a locally dark area. Some of the thunderstorms produced heavy rainfall and small hail in southwestern Idaho, and a cold air funnel was spotted in northern Nevada. GOES West monitors an extratropical cyclone moving toward the U.S. West Coast on March 4, 2019, in this infrared water vapor imagery. GeoColor is a multispectral product composed of True Color (using a simulated green component) during the daytime, and an Infrared product that uses bands 7 and 13 at night. This type of cloud feature was originally identified in TIROS-V imagery over the Pacific Ocean in 1962 and was featured in the first Monthly Weather Review “Picture of the Month” series in January 1963.GOES-17 (GOES West) captured 30-second visible imagery of thunderstorms developing over southeastern Oregon, southwestern Idaho and northern Nevada on May 29, 2019.

2020 July 27 UTC filename:GOES17-FD-GEOCOLOR-10848x10848-Daily-202007270000-202007272350.mp4. The relative proximity of these two satellites means that we can create stereoscopic, or three-dimensional, imagery by placing views from each satellite next to one another. Convective clouds in this GOES-17 satellite loop show parts of California and Nevada getting heavy rain and mountain snow on February 14, 2019.

This GeoColor imagery includes a lightning data overlay from the satellite’s Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) instrument. This GOES-17 infrared imagery of the storm revealed very cold clop tops.For the first time since 1924, a major eruption of the Raikoke volcano occurred on June 21, 2019.

All of the islands of the Tuamotus are coral "low islands” (high sand bars built upon coral reefs).In this GOES-17 (GOES West) GeoColor view from June 3-4, 2019, fog and low clouds in the marine layer dissipate along the California coast due to daytime heating. full disk imagery from GOES-17 testing: A mid-latitude cyclone off the coast of Chile (from 1 October 2018) - RGB Airmass - HTML5 Loop | Animated GIF | MP4 Video 2018-10-01 - Sunrise and sun glint over the Amazon during testing of 5-min.

Like "rivers in the sky," atmospheric rivers are relatively long, narrow regions in the atmosphere – about 250 to 375 miles wide – and can carry huge amounts of water vapor over thousands of miles, from the tropics to the mid-latitudes. (The videos are too large to embed here.) Here is the GeoColor loop (link goes to PDF file) from GOES-16, ... And, click on these links for similar loops of GeoColor from GOES-16, GOES-17 and a side-by-side comparison of the two. This means full disk images every 10 minutes. GOES-17 captured a massive rope cloud over the eastern Pacific Ocean on January 16, 2019. 001_001, 001_002, etc.

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