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For the 60s and 70s iron champions of Venice Beach, Southern California, bodybuilding’s Golden Age was unquestionably their era. This was when Gold’s was the place to be, when any professional bodybuilder worth his weight in protein powder would journey there to make the best gains of his life. Rick Drasin, Denny Gable, Bill Howard, Dan Howard, Chet Yorton, Bill Grant and Superstar Wayne Coleman are some of the tanned and sand-dusted faces I see fondly in my memory.Zabo ran the place and became known as the Chief. These shoes can be worn inside the gym and out on the street. Oldschool Bodybuilding Gym Wear. There were vitamins, proteins and a few other supplements but nothing advanced as it is today. Sergio arrived on the bodybuilding scene, Arnold was in California toward the end of the decade and the launching pads were ready.In the 70s we saw bigger mags, more coverage, and greater participation in the gyms, contests and audiences worldwide. This tee also comes in 6 colours!You've asked and GASP has made it happen.

Big baggy ragtops, American football jerseys, and oversized work out tops are a go-to in many a mass monsters wardrobe. Thousands of pounds of Iron was pumped daily for the express purpose of challenging the body and mind, to better oneself and build the body to where it resembled living sculpture.In the middle-late 60s Frank Zane made his home in Venice and our workouts conveniently overlapped. We appeared like moths around a nightlight, we moved tons of iron like cranes, and we encouraged each other with authentic and wilful persuasion, and a strong arm when needed. Glory Fitness Pump Cover. This is the tank top made famous by Arnold Schwarzenneger - if you've seen the movie Pumping Iron you may recognize it from his scenes in the gym.A stylish no-nonsense stringer style tank top with a camo trim & polyester camo mesh panels to the side. The Early Years. Subscribe To Our Newsletter Back in the Golden Era of Bodybuilding, supplements were slim and eating was mostly real foods. At a time when freaks and misfits would cruise the Venice Beach area and dreamers and wannabes could be found seeking some kind of misguided glory, bodybuilding, at Gold’s Gym in particular, was one of the only pure channels for self-expression. He was there, but under the radar, silently exposing film at just the right moment. Golden Era Bodbuilding: Home of the Golden Era Workout. A lot of competitors wear tee's like this over a tank top during training while warming up.These sweatpants from GASP feature a retro design, with a modern-day fit and build quality. Buy The Golden Era Zane Bodybuilding T-Shirt: Shop top fashion brands T-Shirts at FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases Even though it was the way it was, we were able to make good gains in training and set the stage for some of the greatest bodies in the world.

One thing that the 70’s bodybuilders had that today’s bodybuilders don’t have is AESTHETICS. Great for the summer & comp prep.You can't say Oldschool gym clothes and not mention the Golds Gym Muscle Joe Stringer. These sweatpants are made with a heavy sweater fabric and do a great job of keeping you warm during the winter.A new addition to the Gorilla Wear range, the Texas T-shirt is an oversized baseball style t-shirt that features a big, bold Gorilla Wear vinyl print on the front.The Classic work Out Top is a real Oldschool Bodybuilding rag top. The gym was simmering, each of us off in different directions. But it is the in between times that often more precisely define what it meant to be a competitive bodybuilder in the 60s and 70s, the fun times, the camaraderie.Today bodybuilding is big business, increasingly cutthroat and comparatively devoid of the kinds of personalities that existed “back in the day”. A no frills, no bullshivic workout. This clothing is aimed strictly at hardcore old school bodybuilding fans. View all products. More Brands, More Styles. No one wore designer gear, carefully torn sweatshirts and look-at-me low slung tank tops. Re-live the Muscle Beach memories and discover secrets from the glory days of Bodybuilding.
Subscribe to our email for exclusive offers and new style updates!BUY TWO PAIRS OF SHORTS, GET YOUR THIRD PAIR FREE! Old School Squat Shorts Sky Blue. In other words, we're working our hardest to get you what you need in a timely fashion. For one thing: this was a time where the great Arnold Schwarzenegger was in full flight, establishing himself as the best bodybuilder ever to set foot onstage.

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